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I think the best remedy is to know what foods trigger your heartburn and try to avoid them. I know that wine will give it to me, chocolate an some desserts so although I love all these things I try to eat them in moderation. If I have over indulged I keep some indigestion tablets handy which seem to help or even a glass of milk can relieve symptoms.
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Avoid foods that cause you heart burn. And try to eat long hours before going to bed so that the food would have digested before bed time.

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Heartburns! This is something that I experience often and I always have to deal with it. There are certain foods that trigger acidity and cause Heart burns. They can include chocolate, caffeine, some fatty foods and even pastries. I experience burns when I have pies and buns. One way to deal with it is to reduce the rate at which you consume these foods.

While most people will recommend a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, I would recommend baking soda. I find baking soda highly effective. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and one cup of water. Divide mixture in half and drink the first half. After thirty minutes, drink the second half. Another remedy I use but not too often is fresh ginger tea. This is excellent and it also aids digestion.
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I usually have heart burn when I take too much pepper,so if you do,you can start by reducing the pepper content in your food,it triggers heart burns.

You can also be standing up a bit when you experiences it than sitting ,it will help reduce it then try taking good amount of water.

If it still persist you can chew on ginger ,ginger contains some properties that  can dilute the acid that brings about heart burn.just wash some ginger roots and chew them like that.

If you are a gum person, try chewing on some sugar free ones or you get some mints and chew for a while ,it will also help to dilute the acid in the body.

I have been using these and they have been effective.
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Heartburn has many causes. The parietal cells of the stomach produce excess acid in response to certain stimulants. The most common stimulants are caffeine, nicotine, greasy foods, fried food, a vast array of medications and our old friend anxiety. Once the acid is produced it spreads out to all areas of the stomach, lower intestine and the esophagus. Prolonged exposure to acid causes erosions in the areas involved called ulcers. Prior to the ulcer extreme inflammation occurs, representing itself as regurgitation, pain, nausea and vomiting. The best home cure is to stop the offending agent. Once stopped the cells takes weeks to recuperate. In the short term antacids are helpful. Milk products can counterbalance some of the acid's effects. Yoghurt has been known to help. There are dozens of home remedies, some work and some don't. When these remedies fail a proton pump inhibitor, such a omeprazole, can be of enormous benefit. It is available over-the -counter. Hope this was helpful. Mark Davis, MD.

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