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I have a good game idea. A puzzle like game. How to develop this game on android platform? Is there any game making software there? If so where can I find such a software?

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If you know programming thn u can go with google devloper serive :

and if u don,'t know programming thn go with

Here u can make basic games like puzzel , word search, crossword.

Hope you would like this. Thank You.
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 Rovio, for example, is even getting a movie based off of Angry Birds. No one likes a copycat, and while you might make some money off the game, you will more than likely not become a hit like you would if you just made something original.

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You can use Android SDK (software development kit), but programming knowledge required. Also there is another application called Android Studio or something like that. You can use it like drag&drop, but programming at least basic knowledge will be good. Also there are a lot or other staff online which can help you to make games, like given here But, if you need something greater, I think without programming you will not get your best.

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there is a great range of programs that allow creating Android games. The examples of mine are at They can be played at any mobile device, they have interesting themes and perfect design
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To Develop Android Game you should have good skills in Programming. Unity is one of the best platform to develop games. C# is a language that is used to develop games. In Gaming, the part of coding is less as compared to the Android Development.

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