Each one of us face many experiences in life and each one of us took a lesson from it, what is the lesson you took from it?
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One thing life has taught me is that , this will never always go our way and we would always have to face hardships . But we should work hard and overcome them for a better future
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Yes we have to face things and learn how to be strong because we don't always get what we want or what we expected from life, but we can face it and find substitutes and work hard on ourselves.
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Well, this reminds me of a day when I went for a job interview, uppon reaching the gate I found the gate man, he had funny, silly, annoying and time wasting questions, I got irritated and decided  to ignore him and tried to proceed direct to the reception but he got hold of my hand and pulled me back, I turned around and heavily slapped him, he just said that "be careful and mindful next time" I didn't reply or say any other word, at the reception I was warmly welcome and directed to the interview room, I found nobody in the room and I couldn't just sit I waited for like 3 minutes later a very beautiful young woman came and told me to have a sit and wait for the interviewer, I made myself comfortable on the chair Later a gentleman and very much smartly dressed man came in with a smile on his face but his left cheek was swollen with finger marks on it his face was also very familiar, I started feeling uncomfortable, the man before me was the same man I slapped outside, he had just changed his uniforms, he politely asked for my documents and went through them and said with a smile on his face, "You qualify for the job but unfortunately your anger has disqualified you"  I honestly regrate this. Let's all control our anger
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It's a big lesson ,yes you should control your anger maybe he was testing you before the interview. anyway we should all think twice before acting because sometime we lose the good for a 5 minutes anger.
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No need to win every argument work in silence and success make the noise. And you will fail many many many many many times before getting the inifinite success thats why the more you fail the more you learn. If i knew earlier i will invest in my self first and take an actions for My goals. We need to fucos on our goals and theres no way to be a successful man in the world if you dont have a failure in life thats what i mean in the word of the more you fail the more you learn. Make your past inspiration for what you are in the present. Just like me in the past i have no world in making money and how to make passive income and if i compare it to what i am today its too far thats my inspiration for day to day thats why everyday im always think positive. Sorry for my bad english im not so good hehe thanks 
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The best thing that you tried many times till you succeed , if we don't try we don't learn , and no one is perfect and by time we  gain experience and learn to become better.
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If you look globally, than you should not put off life for tomorrow, tomorrow may not be. Just enjoy now!

You can't keep up with everything, but life is one!
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good point of view we live only once, we should enjoy our life and never spend it with sorrow , we should do what we love and be happy all the time.
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I cannot pinpoint which one of them. All I can is that I learned something from bad things and try once again the right thing. I  am sure life experiences can mold me into a better person.
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The better thing is to learn from experience and never do the same mistake hundred times , we should learn from our mistakes, life teaches us many things that's why sometimes we said we learn this or that from the university of life.
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The big lesson I learn fro my life is that do not believe anyone including our parents and husband,children. All are selfish, they are living for them self.
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Indeed we need to confront things and figure out how to be solid since we don't necessarily get what we need or what we anticipated from life.
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Life has taught me at this early stage of my life that you have to make money early in life unless the cost of living would give you many sleepless nights and thinking.
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