For me, I normally make some inquiries about certain products that I am interested in. Could you shed some light on this concern?
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so before making any buying decision, there should be a preliminary planning which involves the following

1. identifying your present situation

2. what your are lacking or your needs to address that situation in order of importance

3.when you have selected the most important need, you then budget for it.

4. initially go to the market and ask of the price from about 10 different shop.

5. conclude on the shop with the lowest price and then buy.

6. make sure that the shop offers after sale services, so that they can attend to you when you have problems with the product after its been bought
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It seems that you are an expert in such a situation. Thank you for sharing some tips about my concern here. I will take note of these things.
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well for a start u need to make up your mind whether or not it is worth buying and can u afford to buy it. If u cant afford to buy it is it really something u need or can u do without it
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I got it. We need to think or even rethink before buying something. Being frugal is not a question here, right? We just need to be practical.
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Yo normalmente busco información sobre el producto que voy a comprar suelo mirar los detalles todo para saber si es lo que estoy buscando o me conviene 
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Estoy de acuerdo con usted. Necesitamos tomarnos el tiempo para conocer productos. Es mejor hacer esto que sentir pena mas tarde.
I agree that we need the time to check all the details of the products before buying something. There is nothing wrong if we do this as you had mentioned.
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Before I buy something I make sure that I will check the quality, and features. I think of the urgency that I want to buy. I make sure that I am responsible to pay or that I have enough savings to cover what I want to buy if I have the cash much better than using a card.
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Personally speaking, I am not into credit cards, too. I agree that we need to be practical in buying things. It should be thought not only twice in doing so.
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Things to consider before I buy:

  1. Does this item have a purpose?
  2. How long will this item last?
  3. How much will we really use this?
  4. Will this cause clutter and chaos later?
  5. Do I want this because a friend has it or is telling me to buy it?
  6. Do I HAVE to buy this today?
  7. Is there a better option that buying this?
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These questions are so essential to take into consideration when buying. It sounds frugal but there is nothing wrong to be like one.
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First of all I make sure if I really need it, not just to buy it and never use it. Then if I want it for example, suppose i want to buy a mobile , I check for the specification that I am searching for and to be from a reliable brand .

after I check the specification and decide what exactly I want I check for prices in more than one place so that I will not be cheated. When I find the best price and best place to buy, then I buy.
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Speaking of buying modern gadgets, I prefer to see them up close before buying them. I never dared to buy online because of the initial reason. 
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Basically, we need to check the feedback or reviews from the customers or clients before ordering these aspired products. I think it is best to be more vigilant in this matter not to waste money.
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Before buying any products or goods we have to check the quality and quantity.  Then the date of manufacture and best before. We have to research on the web for the reviews done by the customer who had already brought.
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