Currency design in terms of colors, flexibility and durability.
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Australian money is some of the most advanced currency in the world: not only is it completely waterproof, but it's notoriously hard to counterfeit due to its complex design.

Apart from its acceptance, good money also requires portability. If people can carry or transfer money from one place to another, then it is good money.

The ability to recognize money is critically important. Today, we can look at a currency note and tell its value. If money is not cognizable, then people can find it difficult to determine if they are dealing with money or some inferior asset.
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If I am going to answer this question, I prefer to have all the currency money from different countries around the world. I wanted to collect them as a keepsake.
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Recently our new government has banned the 1000rs note one night. People in the country suffered a lot and some die. They bring 2000rs note, which was very difficult to be get changed. I was brought for the corrupted person, an easy way to store more money in less space. Then they brought few new notes which was lighter than tissue paper, when a wind comes the note will fly away.
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Now a latest news is coming that all indian notes are changing. The government is making fun on people. Also they increases the price of petrol,diesel and cooking gas. So people are in trouble now.
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