Can relying on YouTube as your primary source of income be against the law when you don’t have a job and don’t have a drivers license and if you’re still living with your parents and if it is against the law would there be laws put in place by the department of labor that would get violated.
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A bit more than half eay. Isn't two thousand for newbies? I could be mistaken. It takes along time it's more for knowledge then earring I would think. Don't rely on this for income. Just pass time.
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As of now, there is no law about this matter. So YouTubers can still earn money on YouTube. In fact, I hope I could be like them without any second thought.
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I don't think relying on youtube as a primary source of income is illegal. I have seen feeding their families with the help of youtube. Owning car, house everything based on youtube money. People living in countryside are not even aware of law properly and they are making their living out of youtube and staying happy.
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On youtube it was stated that you have to be over 18 years, when you are over that age you can easily acquire a drivers license or any other document required.
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