I'm asking this question because I can't find the FAQ here. I just want to know if somebody here got already the 3000 points in which according to what I've read some answers here that you need to get 3000 points or $30 minimum payout.
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I'm close to 3000 points

I think you should read about them well

10points is 1cent, so 1000 points is 1$

That 3000 points will give you 3$, not 30$, doesn't 30$ for 3000 points sound too good to be true
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It's a false information, that you will get 30 dollars for 3000 points. For 2000 points 2dollars. And for 5000 points 5 dollars.
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I think you can check the details under 'Answeree Rewards." It seems that you need to be reminded of the value of earning here. 1000 points are equivalent to $1. If you are a newbie, the minimum payout is $2. After you have the first payment, the next payment should reach $5 (5000 points).
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When I first joined this site I also saw the same statement but after doing my research about this site is that if you are newcomer you will be required to reach a minimum points of 2000 points which is equal to $2 and  for old members is 5000 points which is $5.

As for me I've already been paid by this site.
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It is true that we can get 5 dollars for 5000 points and 2 dollars for 2000 points. We should be careful on the false statements.
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Never listen to the people on YouTube that tell you that you can make a couple thousand dollars a month with this site because they are lying and you really got to be careful of people making false statements on YouTube because it’s rampant on YouTube and entertainingtv was guilty of it and I was not supporting his YouTube channel anymore so you should note that this site can never get you rich quick because it can take a very long time to reach the minimum payout threshold on answeree 
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It is very true that most of the information on money earning sites in youtube are fake. They hide the real truth. It is a time taking process to reach the threshold but it guarantees that we get money.
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Hi , if you want to read the faq , terms of service , about us ( of this website) , rewards page . All you need to do is simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see links to them . 

As of 2022 , you need 2,000 points minimum to cash out , aka 2 dollars . 
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I have passed 3,000 points now . AKA 3 dollars . I plan on collecting a bit more before I withdraw it , and yes this site pays 
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I've just started from yesterday and have already gained 500 points so I guess from this speed in another 2 days I might reach more than 1000 points and in a week more than 3000 points.

Let's hope for the best, cross fingers!
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I have more than 3000 points. So what? It is about 3 dollars. Do not have plan to ask for payment in near time. Will try to wait until sum will be more significant.
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On my side have reached three thousand points and waiting to cash very soon.i am just waiting to meet my own target so that I can request my payment.
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