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I was so worried at that moment when I posted a picture on my facebook timeline and a friend of mine commented "nice shot, however the dresses looks too large on you".

So what's your take guys. Is it that those large dresses doesn't really look good on slim guys like I am?
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Tight dresses will really look good for slim guys. But, today, in the name of fashion, any one is wearing any dress they like.
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Wearing over sized dress, fit dress or tight dress depends on your interest. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules for what you should wear and how you should wear. My husband likes lose fitting dress, I like tight fitting dress. I always ask him to wear tight fitting and he asks me to wear lose fitting.
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If you are too skinny, it's very important not to wear skin tight clothes because they would make you look like a Halloween costume skeleton.
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There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses as long as it suits you and you look and feel good at wearing it.

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I'm a little confused about the "dress." Perhaps it is a type of clothing for a guy that you are talking about. If you wore a dress, it would definitely look out of fitting since your body structure is different from the structure a dress is designed for. The trick when it comes to clothes is fitting in my opinion. The outfit could be less body hugging but still fitted. By fitting I mean the shoulder length, arms length of the clothes should be equal to yours since loose clothings should only have extra room at their width. That is the trick to wearing big clothes without looking clumsy. Some people feel that there are certain appropriate clothing for all body sizes. I'd say you should wear what fits you and you are comfortable in.
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What is there to get confused about the word 'dress'? It clearly indicates the cloths one wears, that too, when the asker says 'large dresses'.
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Do guys wear dresses? His question insinuates that he's a guy and he then talks about large dresses. Did you miss that? 
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I do think you are talking about gals and not guys. As a woman, I think it is important to wear what you feel comfortable in. I personally like my clothes a bit larger on me and not so skin tight. I feel better and it is easier to move around in. I think large dresses look great on both slim and overweight women and there shouldn't be an issue with this one at all. Maybe your friend is used to seeing you in skin-tight dresses and this one was a bit of a surprise to them to see you in an oversized dress for the first time.
During the warmer months of the year, the larger oversized dresses add a bit more comfort from the heat. They are larger so they aren't so skin-tight and they can actually keep you cooler during the hotter months of the year.
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You may wear what is comfortable to you. But there should be some decency in what you wear.
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I would say some of the new oversized dresses show a lot of decency in them. They are quite attractive and also very open and cool during the warmer months of the year. 
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I think you should wear what you like and not care about what others think. Not everyone feels comfortable in tight clothes and I think it was rude of your friend to comment as she did on facebook. As I have become older I prefer to wear clothes that are looser as they are much easier to move around in.

You should wear the clothes you feel good in and not let people put you off. I remember my mother told me I looked fat in a skirt once and  I felt horrible before I went out but during the evening  people complemented me so I believe that it is just a matter of personal opinion so I hope you won't change the way you look just to please your friend.

Clothes are part of our self expression. If you feel good in something you should wear it and be proud of who you are.
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Of course, you can wear what you like. At the same time, there is something called self-respect and prestige.
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Maybe the dress seemed extra large on you. I have seen several slim ladies wearing huge dresses and they look very beautiful in them. I personally am not a fan of those kind of dresses. Besides its good at times to be realistic, there's no way you're aware how slim you are and you still go ahead and wear some dress resembling a maternity dress. Yes you might be comfortable but think of how people will stare at you. If you really like huge dresses, then let them suit your body size because I know they usually come with sizes. There are others which are sold in my country called "derra" they come from Swahili culture. I am trying to assume you're talking about them. These also come with sizes and you can always consult the tailor or the seller to measure the size before your purchase it.
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Once again, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
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I will write that people have different views about a particular thing, what one may like might not  be liked by the next person.

Truthfully I like baggy clothes on slim.people because I believe it will help them look a bit full than looking lean or malnourished with tight fitted clothes.

I love to see girls looking more chubby than slim,one looks radiating, cute and pretty that way, well,this is a personal assertion. Same with guys I love guys with large clothes on it makes them look handsome, vibrant and sharp.

My kid brothers are all slim but when the put on big clothes,they get a  better outline of the clothes than when they go on tight fitted clothing.

So go ahead nothing is wrong with that.
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I like your point of views and yes there is nothing wrong with what to wear and what is not as long we are comfortable with it.
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People put on dresses for different reasons aside the fact that it is basically to provide cover for the private parts and that is where fashion comes into play.
If you are to put on a dress to look good obviously your kind of body physique must be considered. It also depends on the type design or style the dress is made of.
A slim person can put on a large dresses,  I have seen models that are slim putting on bogus trousers and they still looks good in it.The creativity of the designer play a key role.
A slim person also put on large dress not to expose his or her true body physique cos the and this also makes them to be free to carry all parts of their easily. Though slim guys or ladies tends to look more attractive on slim dresses cos they look simple and smart in it.
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Let's face the fact, by putting on large dress would definitely make someone look like butterfly that has lost its swag. It is no go area when it come to fashion sense. There are dresses that are suitable for everyone according to their shapes and sizes. Anything done outside of dress that fits an individual would be perceived as fashion disaster.
Specifically, we see peoples donning dresses that are way too slime or too big for them. Perhaps some of them forget to check their looks on the standing mirror before living their houses for outing. And there are those that would do the checking but they don't know what's good for them or not. To make matter worst, their friends would fail to them the truth about how they look. It's really pathetic.

Lastly, on a note of advise, learn to wear something that brings out your shape, and not looking dried up in overfitting dress. And also not looking puff up in a dress that is too big. Appearance is everything especially if you are the type that dress to impress.
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Some large dresses or clothes have big sizes that doesn't look good when it is worn by a slim guy, whoever it depends on how you carry the dress. There are lots of slim guys I see in the street that wear over sized t-shirt and with little accessories, I stop looking at the clothes they are wearing but on how they presented everything. Mostly, they are really good in carrying over sized t-shirt with baggy pants and good shoes. They even put on a cap and they even look younger. Over sized t-shirt are so comfortable and I have to say the most of the chubby and fat people are into wearing it because it somehow hides the fat. If a slim man will wear it, it would look funny but not to all for sure. It depends on how you carry it and how you present your outfit.
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I think I can relate with the point your friend is trying to make by suggesting the dress was too large on you. It all has to do with the human psychology and misnomer.

There's this universal mentality or fashion concept almost everyone has which can be related or closely associated with fashion trends. No one wants to look or appear in clothes outside the modern day trends, because a large number of designers and so called fashion experts have made it seem like a norm, and everyone else just follows.  And as we all know, loose clothing  today are considered as an obsolete way of dressing from the 80s and 90s, meaning they're regarded as out of fashion as they tend not to fit. Modern day fashion, which I disagree with most, requires you appear in tighter clothing that reveals a person's actual shape.

The above simply means that any clothing worn that doesn't bring out a person's physique or show some flesh doesn't qualify as modern day dressing or fashion. Since we all have the habit of sticking with modern trends, any loose clothing will almost certainly draw negative credits from the majority of people.
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Individual differences would be the main decision maker when it comes to answering this question because what Mr. A would probably prefer and be comfortable with would be completely different from what Mr. B would desire.

Now, I'm of the opinion that slim guys need to wear at least clothes that gives them a little body freedom in order not to make it very obvious that they are skin or slim to their bones. Some people are actually comfortable with showing off their body in such manner, so it's the reason why I mentioned first that individual differences would be influencing so many people on their decision making.
Personally, I don't like slim people, so if you are slim, I deem it very important to try as much as possible to put on good clothes that cover your body and give your skin some space.

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