I'm really interested in learning about affiliate marketing as a beginner

What are the basic things you think I should know and things that will give me a higher chance of earning
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Go to U Tube there is lessons how to make it , I think this will help you but i think it is not easy to earn money that fast.
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Yes, YouTube also taught me those marketing ideas which is I'm still learning until now
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You need to know the terms and conditions of a particular affiliate program before joining.You need a personal instructor to coach you even though you know some bits of the program.You need to know how to attract a large audience(driving traffic to your blog or social media platforms) before signing up for an affiliate program.You'll also need to optimistic, because sometimes sales might not pop up immediately.
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Just pick a product, review it's features and procedures and try to email a potential client one at a time. Do not spam emails or don't just post your product on social media. Also choose your customer and make sure that they're interested in your product.
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