Almost everyone here hasn't withdrawn yet, and how to withdraw seems to be a problem

The point equivalence in $, also another problem...LOL
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I dont think we are all newbies, but there are some people that newbies, people join every day, but as for me i am a newbie. 
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I think I am a newbie at heart. It seems I am an oldie here since I am hitting the minimum of $5 now. Moreover, I can see some are newbies.
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I actually joined here in 2020 , but wasn't active here has I spend most of the time in answeree's sister site , crazyoff . But now I have been active here since last month and I even reached my payout a few weeks ago .
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Yes most of us are newbies , as for me I am new here since two weeks surviving to reach the 2000 points to make my first withdrawal.
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