When I was younger I always worried about what people thought of me. I used to fret about my appearance and compared myself to my peers. Now I am older I am far more comfortable with the way I am. How about you? Do you feel good about yourself?
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I am happy the way I look though I am not that beautiful like any other people out there but I am comfortable who I am.

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To be honest, I do not feel good about how I look.

When I was young, I had a fair share of bullying, as my appearance do not conform to the lady-like image that our society has built. Hence, until now I have a really low self-esteem. I'd tried to shrug it off as much as I could but the effect has been rooted to my soul ever since. Before, I made some effort to try to please people to like me even though I know that physical liking is a very shallow form of connection.

To date, I am still not comfortable about my appearance although now I have learned to love myself a bit more and ignore people who try to bring me down using various derogatory remarks.

I only wish society and the media will stop conditioning people's minds with images of people who they think have the perfect kind of beauty because we are all beautiful the way we are.
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I am very much comfortable with how I look and I really love myself. Just like you, I had a very hard time when I was young. Especially there was this light skinned lady who used to make fun of me because I was dark and slim. Whenever I come from school, I used to cry so much but my mom was always there for me and she consulted me so much. Finally, mom got get fed up by those despises and she transferred me to another school. Here we used to have girls' talk which helped me so much in building on my self esteem.

With time, especially when I was in high school, at least I felt appreciated because fellow girls started telling me how I have cute eyes . Its in high school, when I knew who I am and appreciated myself. Even if I hate myself, it won't make any impact in my life besides I have to love myself first for others to love me. What have come to learn is that there's no one ugly, its just a matter of how you present yourself, dress and how neat you are.
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I think there is always someone out there ready to make a spiteful comment. I was teased when I was young because I wore glasses as a child, my daughter because she was very tall for her age and I daresay my granddaughter will be in for some teasing too as she starts senior school on Tuesday. As you get older you become more confident and realise that the people who are mean to us probably have their own issues and it really doesn't matter what they think.
Its always some people's joy make you feel inferior. All the best to your grand daughter hope she doesn't go through such tough times.
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When I was younger, I grew faster than my peers and I was always self conscious. I wanted my body to look like this and that. I would compare myself to others and feel so low. As time passed. I started to notice that I had attributes that people loved to much. I realized that others can say anything just to spite you.

Everyone is unique in their own way. I know that there's no one like me out there and I can't be like someone else. I'm now very comfortable in my skin and I take care of myself to look better. I'm proud of all of my flaws because there are part of a beautiful story that I am. I Think that the world should stop painting one picture and calling it perfect when there are millions of priceless works of art.
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I think hating one's self is associated with age because I can remember not liking my body when I was much younger. I dislike my body's structure that i was almost depress.

I had couple of female friends that had great bodies,curvy and with hourglass figure and they used to get all the attention.

I had to tell me myself some truth that I was beautiful in my own way and nobody can be like me,so I started loving myself since then still now.

The facts remains that nobody is so perfect we just have to accept ourselves they way we are and love it right.i love and appreciate my body and i know I have the best shape,figure and flawless skin no matter what others think.
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Yes, I am very comfortable with the way I look. When I was young, in highschool especially, I used to compare myself with others too and most of the time, I felt so ugly. I was the fattest in my class, had a lot of pimples and short hair with a big forehead. I never used to show others that I didn't like the way I looked though. I always seemed to be comfortable and full of life. I was even chosen by the students to be their class prefect and my class teacher liked me a lot. She is still a good friend now. This helped me build a foundation for my self esteem.
Now that I am in campus, I just feel comfortable in my own skin. I love the way I look, the way I dress, the way I walk and I got this dimples and so I love smiling. My hair may look bad to people because they are few on the head and I have a big forehead but that is how I look and I have learnt to be happy that way. After all they say that the hardest people to love are those who don't love themselves. So I always learn to love my looks so that I can create room for others to love it. If they don't, they are missing a lot and its their own problem.
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I do not feel good about myself. I am fine with what I look but when I am seeing some person that represent themselves in a good way and they look evenly good, I wonder why I am not doing it to myself. I really want to look good. I really want to look nice. I know with lots of effort and good set of dress I could do that. If others can represent themselves, then I can do it too. I have poor posture, I don't know how to dress, sometimes I don't know how to talk to other people so I do not look good for sure and I am not liking it. I want to be train or learn how to handle myself. I want to change how I look that is why I am experimenting and researching on how to change myself. Little by little I am doing it and I am near of creating a new me soon. There will always a way to change ourselves.
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As you said, I also worried about what people think about my appearance in my young age. Later I changed my thoughts. I am convenient the way I am. No matter, what others think. It's waste of time. I do wear clothes as per my convenient. My do wear a make up as I like. 
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