I am confused that some managers are trying to impose the basic skills management, but they are not that specific about which soft skills are needed.
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There is more than one skills required but the must have ones are interpersonal skills and perfect problem solving skills. With this two main skills you can be able to actualize the other minor required skills.
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I do agree with you. But then, managers need to be more specific with these soft skills. I think Human Resources need to do something about this.
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So the best management skills includes

1. Directing            

2. Controlling  

3. Decision making 

4. Motivation 

5 Sense of good judgement 

6. Planning 

7. Setting examples 

8. Duely rewarding and punishing.

These are some of the skills of good management that one must have to become a good manager.
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I do think that these soft skills can be learned in the workplace. In my view, we can base the needed skills on the performance evaluation of particular personnel.
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