I thought that Pluto is a planet in the solar system. If not, what makes it not a planet then?
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Pluto was a planet but no longer considered, it's known as the dwarf planet. The reason it's no longer considered a planet is because it took a shorter route to orbit the sun, all planet have their route but Pluto instead of moving on its  lane ,it entered into the lane of others, therefore getting itself disqualified..For any heavenly body to be a Planet there are a few requirements..

And Pluto just disobeyed :)
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I think you did a great job in explaining it. It seems I need to consider this answer of yours. I am sure people will be enlightened by your explanation.
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No. Pluto is a dwarf planet because it isn't adequately large to apply its orbital predominance and clear the area encompassing its circle.
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I am a bit confused because you described it as a dwarf planet. During my high school days, my science teacher said that it is a part of the solar system, right?
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Si es un planeta el más diminuto de nuestro sistema solar está ubicado al lado del planeta neptuno carece de vida dentro de su atmósfera ningún ser viviente podría vivir bajo esas condiciones sin oxígeno y sobre por sus bajas temperaturas.

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Estoy de acuerdo  en que no hay ningun planeta en el que podamos vivir hasta la fecha . Espero que pudieramos hacerlo porque La Tierra esta superplopada ahora.
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Pluto is not a planet because of its size if it was larger it would be, because Pluto is too small to be a planet it is classed as a Dwarf planet
I got it. Some scientists considered as a planet but not officially included in the solar system. I hope it could lay down the real fact about it.
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Yes. It is a dwarf planet but it is still considered a planet by NASA though it's distance makes it harder to know more about it since its discovery 91 years ago.
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I also it is still considered a planet but not in the solar system anymore.
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Pluto is a planet yes. IT was discovered in 1930.It was declared the ninth planet from the sun. So answer is yes ,Pluto is a planet.
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Are you sure? I think it is not included in the solar system now, right?
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Pluto was a planet. But recently, it turned out that planet pluto expired because it lost its track from the elliptical orbit that it was supposed to follow to sustain itself in solar system. 
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It means that Pluto is not moving in space now, right? It seems I need to check further about it.
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Pluto is not considered as a planet now it was considered as a planet before but now it is not considered because it was a planet which was very small as compared to other planets
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