Have any one used CrazyOff.com, the Spanish version of Answeree and how different Is it from this
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I seems to be rebranded as a site where you answer or ask questions in Spanish it seems , well as long as its active again and if it has started paying users , I feel like that site can be alive again  
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I am not sure if it is still affiliated with Answeree. I am not sure if it is best for the new version. Any idea if they are still connected to each other?
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I saw the site I registered but I am not sure if it actually pays. The site looked a little weird to me so I left plus the questions. 
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And also there are different language questions asked around their site. Not Understandable that's why I didn't try it
I am member there too but I have not received any payment yet.
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I guess Crazy off is not a company related to Answeree but they have so much in common. Both are question and answer sites but Answeree has more English questions
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I have heard alot about the site and i also found out that it is also a question and answer site, that pays, but the only differences is that it is a spanish site.
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Both the sites are Q&A site. The difference is it is also available in Spanish also.  The other difference is that we get points for asking questions also.
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Crazyoff is questions and answers platform just like answeree but difference is:


√Answering questions 10 points

√Asking question 2 points

√Comment no point.

√Payment: PayPal and cryptocurrency 5th to 7th every month


√Answeringquestions 10 points

√Asking question no point

√comment 5 point

√payment: PayPal and cryptocurrency 5th to 7th every month.
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