Why is pizza packaged in a square pack and not a round pack
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You will have more grip on a four cornered box than you will for a round box.

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 It is because square boxes are easier and less expensive to produce, because they are assembled from one sheet of cardboard.
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The primary reason is that it is easy to make square boxes and they are not pricey for mass production. If the boxes are assembled, they come from one sheet of carton.
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Must be for the pizzas company advantage. Probably also environment helping. Cardboard maybe better. Easier for the companies to put away. Doesn't take up as much room. Probably cheaper to buy the boxes.
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The pizza will not move to the side of the box. So pizza will not get damaged. It is cheap to produce square box. It is difficult to produce the circular shape boxes. Also the interesting factor is that it is round in shape , the first made pizzas.
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Those square boxes for packing pizzas are simple to make and cheaper to purchase that's why they are mostly used and preferred. 
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