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There are many RAM boosters and cleaners available on android market. Some handsets are also having built-in ram cleaners in their OS. Is there any use with these softwares? Are these cleaners good for performance? Do I need to install these apps on my phone?

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RAM cleaners, boosters or any kind of such apps or Softwares are actually useless on an android device. Yes, of course, many handset manufacturers do provide some cleaner apps bundled with their os. But they are actually fooling the majority of non-techy people with these crap apps. Most built-in cleaners are spam itself.
Actually, the android system itself has a RAM management system to prioritize ram to applications working on the foreground. These so-called ram cleaners are actually doing nothing but stopping and closing applications working in the background. Once there was an app called Greenify which served well for millions of old generation android devices by hibernating apps on the background. But now things changed as newer versions of android has this as a built-in feature. Have you seen any cleaners for iOS devices? They don't need it as iOS apps won't work on the background instead they are using a save the state method. It's just like pausing on the background and resuming on the foreground.
Moreover, these booster cleaner apps will degrade your device performance as it will use memory and it will affect your battery performance drastically.
So don't install such useless apps to boost something on your Android devices.
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RAM cleaners are really adwares. Most of them manipulate the search results on your device in such a way to produce revenue for the app owners. Overall performance of an android device will be lagged by using such apps like cleaners, boosters etc. Beware of app permissions given to such apps. They will steal your contacts to spam you. Some cleaning apps are just for showing their ads within the apps only. Some are there to make you install their other apps on android market or external applications.
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I am using Honor view 10 mobile phone and they provided a ram cleaning setup by default. And its working well. My phone is so fast and I never faced any problem regarding memory. I have no idea about other phones. I think apps are waste, do it manually for better performance.

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