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What is the best way to apply a temporary tattoo to get the closest to the real tattoo look?
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You can use henna tattoo, they will only last for few days or so and they look real too.
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Temporary tattoos look as real as the permanent ones because they are both really anyway. Only difference with the permanent ones is that like henna, it fades away with time. 

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Temporary tattoos (printed, like stickers) may look like the real ones if applied properly. In this case, you’ll have the real tattoo look without painful process of removing it later. The whole process step-by-step is described here, but to make it short – you need to prepare your skin (shave and clean the skin area with the alcohol) and use the powder and hairspray after its application. 

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Temporary tattoos are basically like permanent ones, only that they actually clean up after a little while. And the process of having one on the skin is the same too.

I don't know if your understanding of temporary tattoos are the same with mine, am saying this because of your narration which you chose to call them unreal. Temporary tattoos are just as real as normal tattoos too. Like I said above, the only difference between them is that permanent tattoos are forever inked on the skin. So temporary or permanent, all tattoos are real.

There's this other process which is common in the northern part of my country and also generally known with Indians. It's called henna, and appear almost like a tattoo when used. If this is what you're referring to, then all you have to is purchase one, go through the instructions, and apply. If you're unable to, you can seek professional assistance. But henna no matter how applied, woundn't look exactly like an actual tattoo because henna is applied on the skin, while tattoos are applied beneath the skin.

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