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Remember the saying that the customer is always right. Your business exist because of them, so maintaining a good relationship with them helps to secure your business for you.

Always offer them the best quality products and services that you can afford and feed them proper information daily. 

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For a business, meeting customer needs is a challenge that must be resolved. A business that is good and liked is an effort that can fulfill the customer's desires. The problem is this customer desire always changes over time . To ensure that businesses and customers are not neglected, it is better to learn how to build good relationship with them.

As a business owner, you need to know what kind of customer is the target of your business. Make sure your telephone number and website are always easy to access. Also provide a user-friendly website design so that it is not difficult to use. The speed of delivery of goods and services is also the main key to good service.
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The progressive of every business is measure by the rate of turn over and profit,  this the totally depends on level of patronage by the customers.
To get customers to get your product is kinda simpler task compare maintaining them, this is where exceptional skills of professional marketers comes in to play.
As a business owner or sales rep, it is very important for you to be very smart, tolerating, respectful, accommodating, out spoken in your communication and you must not be shy to your customers. Once you posses all the customers you will be able to good relationship with your customers,  you could also Contact them on casual bases just to check on them. Most customers are carried away with the fact that customers are always right so as business or sale represent you should treat them like king and queen
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Customers are Kings when it comes to business and the more a seller treats a client or customer as one the better for the business. A business without customers is as good as being doomed because its death is near and if this is the fact, which it is then sellers should treat customers well.
To build a good customer relations with the customer then one must always be polite to customer, find out their need's and try to give the best quality, don't cheat or manipulate to make more profits, if possible provide after sale service and employ sales representatives that are attentive and respectful too.

Build a bridge and communicate effectively to the customers and remember to throw in some incentive every then and now.
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If you want to build a good customer relationship, just look at yourself as  customer. How do you want to be treated? Do you want all your questions to be answered about a product? Do you want an honest answer, not the ones that obviously for marketing strategy alone? Do you want to be entertain like you feel like you are a special customer when you even know you are just inquiring about the product, you don't even have money to buy it? Do you want to be treated with respect that even though you don't look like rich, you are still treated equally inside a store? Well, if you do like to be treated that way, then you should know how to treat your customer now. Customers might not always right but they know what they want so be honest in selling your product.
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I once had a business, well it was just a small business but I learn a lot in dealing with my customers. There are things to consider when you want to increase your sales and have a loyal customers that are coming back for your service. Customers feel satisfied when they feel they are pampered, when they feel you are a good kind of person and that dealing business with you seems the best option. There is a saying that if you want to gain friends, you must first be a friend. Understand the needs of your customers so that you can give them the service that they need or the service that they deserve. Of course, giving freebies yields another good point. But it is not at all times. When you give freebies, it is like you are rewarding the customers for their loyalty.
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This is the most important aspect of business which is a factor that is external to the business man or woman or even in a general name an entrepreneur. Customers desires can never be meet 100% but learning to handle the little efficiency spices up the the business. I trust every business man minded person needs it so much.

One of the ways to satisfy a customers demand and by extension sustain a good customer relation, is to always respect customers decision and never argue with them. Also it is important for a business minded person to be truthful and always give special preference to consistent customers and equally show cares to them.

Also, if there is end of the year packages for loyal customers I think it will go a long way to keep the customers.
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When I was in college, my major is Marketing Management and that saying that the customer is always right. There are rules too:

Rule #1. Customer is always right.

Rule #2. Follow rule Number 1.

That's our teacher taught us. However, in reality, will this apply to all? The answer is no. The customer has always right, but you as a business owner has the right too, to consider your right as a business person. You set your own policy and terms and conditions for your customers. You should not forget that you have the right as a business owner. Before you enter into the business world, you need to create your policy including the rights of the consumer. There are limitations in every rule, terms and condition, and policy. These will help to avoid any abuse between the party involve.
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The customers are the final consumers of any business products and services that are ever created and made available in the open market and without them as it's stated in the law of production, production is never complete until the said products and services have reached the final consumers.

Now, it would be an unwise and irrational thing to do by any business owner to have a broken relationship with his prospective customers and the already existing customers because that would push his or her business customers to patronize another business company that offers the same products and services.

So, it's very important to keep and maintain your business relationships with your customers by offering them good quality products and services, cheap prices when possible, discounts and gifts at the end of the year.
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There are series of ways that you can be able to ensure that you have a better relationship with your clients as long as we are talking about making more sales from your business and they are:

1. Honesty: This is simply the way that you tell your customers the truth as regards the goods and services that you are selling. Most customers are always disappointed when they come to that point where they noticed that they have been cheated by the seller. This will make them not to come again.

2. Appreciation: How many times that you thank your customers for trading with you can matter so much too. Try and build a list and never forget that you should remain thankful for if they are not there, your business won't have been moving better.
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Creating rappot is very important to keep a business running. By doing that i don't mean you become a nuisance to everybody by being to chatty or too noisy. It's good to indulge customers when your serving them, that way you will get to understand their needs much more, and they will in return want to know more about your business. They will also feel comfortable and free to ask questions. If you do that, you will find people just flowing into your company with recommendations from previous customers just because of the first impression that you created when they first walked into your premises. Patience is a virtue when it comes to business, sometimes customers can be a pain, or irritating like asking questions that are so obvious, but you as the seller have to be very cautious in the way you handle such. Be patient, and calm, don't snap give yourself time before you answer them, and that way you will win them over.

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