Why do most guys like the lady to call? I'm sure I a m not the only lady who had this. So !end or ladies may respond. Thank you I'm advance for your time. I don't like to but lonely isn't good either.
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Perhaps this man is a self-centered soul and conceited at the same time. It is not a typical loving and sensitive man and women should be vigilant about this matter.
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I think due to their pride and ego. They will not stoop down right away even though they did some mistakes and accept the truth. The guy has some insecurities about whatever they lack in them that they cannot do that ladies can do.
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in my opion i think the guys do this because they are either shy and want you to make the first move or they dont want to be pushy and scare u off so the put the ball in to your court
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I guess man are alpha  beings and would want to be treated like one. But in reality the men actually love to call the ladies more because of the fear of loosing them.
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