As you can see in this Image, Google Analytics shows traffic from an unknown website called ''. This site is nothing related to my site and there is no chance for traffic flow from that site. I don't know what's going on but I really don't need this shit​

google analytics error or spamming

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Many of our client have seen this kind of traffic typically generated by third party bots. You can get rid of these kind of links, you can do it either by Google Analytics or by Google Search Console.

1. Using Google Analytics - Use filter to stop tracking the traffic coming from bots and spiders. You can do that from Admin Settings. Under View panel, you will find View Settings. Tick the Checkbox at the bottom of the options, just before the Site Search Settings, with a small heading which reads: Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders. GA will automatically filter the bots and spiders traffic.

2. Google Search Console - You can request Google using disavow tool from Google Search Console. This tool is useful to tell Google that the links mentioned in the given file should not be counted as a backlinks as they are spammy, artificial or low quality links.

The other way Web analytics firms use is to request the site owners to remove your website links from their site.

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It's nothing but bots. Yes it's an old black hat trick that certain websites were using a bot on their server to attract visitors. The intention behind this is to drive traffic from website owners. Let's see how it works. A website using such black hat tricks to gain traffic will have a bot on their server. They will usually find and visit newly started or upcoming websites or blogs. This will mark as a visit from the website that using the bot in the analytics platform of the target website. Most often the owner of a newly created website or blog will be checking the analytics frequently. So there is a greater chance to find this visits from the website that using a bot as there will be only very few traffic. These bots are generally referred to as bad bots. There is nothing surprising if a new blogger or website owner visit the website that giving traffic to his/her website. He will check for a backlink too. That's the primary target of using a bad bot.
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