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Have you ever sent a letter or e-mail to a celebrity (either through agency or not) and got a reply?

Have you got a picture or even a letter back? If só let me know.

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No. Not at all. I think, it is an unwanted thing to do. In what way is it going to help you?
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Never done before and I don't think I will do because they won't bother replying my letter .

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I think a letter would be too much. No matter how much I admire a celebrity, I guess I wouldn't have the idea or the guts of writing and sending an actual letter that details how much I admire him, or how he inspires me on so many levels.

Personally, the closest thing to a letter that I actually have done is to send a private message on Instagram. Of course, this is not even a random message but a comment to a post to which I just mentioned (in passing) how his journey towards success made me change my view of life. Sadly, I did not get a response.

If you plan on writing a letter to a celebrity, there is nothing wrong with that. We are all free to express ourselves. However, do not expect that you will receive something of equivalent effort, as most celebrities are really not too responsive.
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You've gone too far with a letter. I have tried sending just a Facebook friend request but never been confirmed for years now. To worsen the matter, it was just a local artist and what if it was an international artist? I have noticed this to not more than one celebrity but several of them. But then, there are others who cherish their fans  and at times entertain them.

I don't think I'll ever send them any letter because there's nothing I'll gain In return. Maybe if I aspire to be a celebrity one day which will never happen. As for the celebs, they should at least consider their fans and at least listen to them for sometime. Maybe someone needs your advise but you keep on assuming them.
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Yes, I made a letter because I am one of a fan of Jolina Magdangal, a certain celebrity in the Philippines. I wrote this letter because I really admire her and I want her to know that he inspires me. I did not expect that the letter will be answered. My sister went to school to hand over her letter. I read it and she even put her picture there with her autograph. From the looks of the letter, it looks like this is a common reply to her fans, not made by her but her assistant for sure, because I know a certain person in school that received same response letter. I am happy that she able to get back to me but I know it is just a plain gesture but it is still nice. I do not email artist, but I do wait for them in their agency and meet them personally.

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