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I know some star agencies accept mail or emails from fans...Tell me ur experience!
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I never wrote to them at any point of time. There was no such necessity for me.
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I've never written to a celebrity before but I've left comments on their social media. One time a popular celebrity in my country followed me on instagram and it was something for me to brag about to my siblings.

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I have but it was from my cousin who is famous. His name is Ian Gillan from a rock band called Deep Purple. His mum and my mum were very close and when my mum died I emailed him to let him know and he mailed me back saying how sorry he was and that he would be coming to the funeral. It's not quite the same thing as having a reply to fan mail but I have kept the email and never deleted it.

Sometimes he will leave a comment for me on his facebook page but that is quite rare. It's nice to know someone who likes me for who I am regardless of the fact he is famous, We played together as children as he is only a few years older than me and I am proud that I am related to someone who has made a success of his life in the entertainment world. I doubt anyone would know him here though.
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There are some local celebrities I follow on Instagram, I just loved their talent and I try to follow their work.So I have one I admired a lot he is 2face a legend in his own right.He is one of the African Export when it comes to entertainment, he is a musician and a song writer.

I had messaged him on his page about violence in my part of  the country and we needed a bigger voice like his to calm the youth by writing about it on his page ,though I didn't know how it will span out but I felt I should give it a try,was great to get his reply to write about it and even sing about the situation. I was glad it ended well because his input really helped to calm the region.
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I mailed a letter to a certain big star before and it was answered, however, from the looks of the letter, it looks like it is the common reply of this artist to every fans sending letters to her. I think it is a common letter for response to an email. I got touched receiving a reply that I never expected but it is not something amazing that it will be one of the unforgettable moments for me. I got a reply from an artists, one of my favorite but not in email or letters, but on social media. I asked a certain question and he answered completely, with all the information I needed. Actually, he is not my favorite, not really my biggest favorite but when he done an effort to reply to my message immediately after I send it, I was touched again and he became my favorite.

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