Like Charlie , Mr bean who is the best comedian?
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When life hits you very hard, you become very frustrated and feels very down. In such situations you need to ease out some stress. The best comedian of all time I watch is 

1. Charlie Chaplin

2. Mer. Bean 

3. Mr. Bones

4. Kelvin Hart 

They really makes my day when I'm frustrated.
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I am not fond of Mr. Bean. The funniest actors that I like are Jim Carey and Adam Sandler. I also like Tom Hanks in some of his movies.
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I like Mr bean the most. The funny way he do all things. I feel that he is not purposefully doing it. There are also many other comedians too.
I agree. I am not sure if Mr. Bean died. The last news that I heard he died. Some kiddies love his style of being a comedian.
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Haha , Mr.Bean makes me laugh every single time . Definitely one of my most favorites out there , and I am really looking forward to the "Man vs Bee" series coming on June 24 , starting Rowan Atkinson , its gonna be a fun ride for sure
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The fundamental justification behind Mr. Bean's prominence is that the series is, regardless of being extremely British, likewise widespread. The watchers needn't bother with the interpretation to figure out his mumbles, unstated sounds or his non-verbal communication.
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