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A Turkish cuisine fan wants to know about the best Turkish food you've tried. Also, what are the best Turkish restaurants you have visited till yet. 

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I never went to a Turkish restaurant but what i remember, my former boss went in the office with Turkish foods. It was really smelly. The smell of the spicies they used in their foods are really strong. I can smell Turmeric all the time and some spices I don't know what it called. Unfortunately, I really don't know exactly the name of the food we had eaten but it was good, especially the bread. I love to dip it with different spices.  They do have a food that is similar to what food we eat here in my country. But I realized the one that we ate don't have meat. For sure Turkish foods has meet too but the one that was given to us don't have it. It is  more of a soup and all are in color yellow. I just remember the taste and it taste spicy, strong and it was good.

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