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I have a friend who is addicted to alcohol and it is starting to really affect his health. I need to help him end the addiction before it is too late. 
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If there are people who influence them, they are weak and they are together all the time, there will be a greater chance that they could be addicted to alcohol.
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One must have willpower to quit alcohol addiction. I know chain smokers who quit smoking with willpower.
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That is why we should always be amidst positive people so as to avoid falling prey to such evil things.
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All you have to do to help your friend is to advise him one on one. Make him see the reasons why he has to quit excessive consumptions of alcohol. By  learning how to drink moderately would be the first step for him to quit completely. Try to educate him the health risks associated with drinking alcohol excessively. Cirrhosis is real -- disease that eats up one's liver.
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You can start gradually by reducing your intake, I like practicable can't just dump a habit overnight.Gradually reduced the bottles and disciplined yourself not to increase again,till you get to one bottle and you can quit 

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The first thing that has to happen is he must admit that he has a problem. Many addicts will deny that they have a drink problem and say they have it all under control. Most people find it hard to beat the addiction by themselves and will need professional help although it depends on how bad the problem is and how long it has been going on. One thing is for certain he will need the support of his friends if he is to come out the other side.

Some addicts are very good at hiding the fact they drink. I know a woman who had her children taken away because of her drinking. I would speak to her every day and had no idea she was an alcoholic until the day she had them taken away and she came round my house blind drunk.  She had hidden it so well up until then.

Talk to your friend and ask him whether he would see a counsellor, just tell him you are worried about his health. Addiction is a horrible thing as it takes everything and destroys it until the victim is left with nothing.
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That's true, most of them do not admit it. I am glad that my friend started admitting that he had a problem when his blood sugar went exceedingly low. I will suggest that he sees a counsellor for help. I will also continue supporting him as you said, he needs friends to be with him. 
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Just like any other addiction, the control measures are almost the same. First, the person cannot stop taking alcohol within one day, its always a gradual process. If he was taking two bottles daily, he can start by reducing it to one, then half a bottle and with time, alcohol will just be a history.

Secondly, peer counselling can really help the person. He might have forgotten the dangers of alcohol on his health and social life as well. Its good to remind them that alcohol can cause lung cancer among other effects.

Finally, idol mind is the devil's workshop hence it's necessary to keep the person busy. Engage him in some indoor activities and soon he'll forget about alcohol for quite some time. Doing this oftenly can help so much.
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When it comes to addiction the sure bet is always determination, I'm writing this out of experience I had different addictions when I was much younger but what really helped me was was my level of determination to quit.

The first way to help anyone to quit an addiction is always telling the person the bad effect of such addiction, talk to the person even  daily it will definitely sink in even when the person behaves as if he or she doesn't care continue to hammer on the effects, let the person comes to terns with reality of what he or she is doing and he or she will see reasons   why he or she should quit and will have strong determination to quit.

Don't give up on your friend easily just continue to advise him or her to quit or seek a therapist to help in the counselling too.
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Addiction to things to likes alcohol is a slow killer. Here are few tips to get him off the act by God grace.
He must accept this as problem and be ready  to quit it at all cost by first committing his sincere intention to the God he serve.
He must dissociate him self from his drinking partner.
Most drunkers do have time they relax to drink,  he must fixed himself in an unexcuseable tasks during the period he normally drink the alcohol.

 He should get himself acquainted to books that discuss on the negative effects of alcohol on human health,  this could make him more scared of taking it.
If possible he should change his location and move to areas where it will be difficult to access alcohol malls. This tips will gradually get him off it. It a gradual process.

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