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Today's era is filled with breakups, separation in marriages and devorces. However, there a few couples who stick with their loved ones till they fulfill their vow "till death do us apart." What unique things do this couples do differently? 
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I think the love is so powerful that even there are people around them that could tear them apart, they rather stay with each other because they know each other all their life.
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They only just practiced what is known as "love is blind". This is the type of love that overlook shortcomings. It is the type of love that is unconditional. Once this love is in play between couples, there is no amount of pressure often associated with relationship can strain it because they chose to tolerate and understand each other.
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To be able to live to your vow till death do your part, you need to know your place in the marriage, and if you both know and live to your expectations, you can work together well. you should be able to compromise and keep the communication door always open. Don't go to bed angry, learn to talk out issues together, you are a pair and pairs do things together and they become stronger.

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I dont think there is a magic formula to answer this question, in fact each person is different and there is a lot involved in making a relationship successful. Sometimes people remain unhappy their whole lives because they are too afraid to move on - or even do not have a way to live off on their on (sometimes women who have no education or even that have lots of young children). I think respect, loyalty and trust make a relationship strong, admiring the person and being a person who understands makes the whole difference in a relationship. Having fights and so on happen because people living under the same roof for so long may have that issues. Though I believe that if people really want they can live together in a mostly happy relationship, but it involves love, care and work.
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I believe too that some women, especially those who are illiterate could be undergoing challenges in a relationship or marriage but choose to stay with their partners. Another situation is being famous. Most famous people remain in toxic relationships because they want to avoid that bad popularity by the world. 
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This the fact. A good percentage of people who stay in marriages are not happy because there's no love. Some are too scared to leave so the thing that keeps them together is fear of uncertainty, what the world may think, lack of security etc. 
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This still boils down to wanting a marrisge works nothing out of the ordinary. When once couples realizes that people are imperfect and the coming together of 2 imperfect people can't be easy to deal with then marriages will last longer.

The funny thing is people divorce to marry the  next person and it still ends again in a divorce. It not about finding a perfect person but being compatible with an imperfect being.

Those that stuck together over the years aren't perfect they also have their flaws but the ability of the partners to look beyond this imperfections helps to strengthen the bonds.Marriage isn't a bed of roses, it always needs some hard work and patience.jumping around for a perfect bring wouldn't cut it.
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Exactly, we humans have flaws so the best way to stay together in live for long is to accept this fact and learn to tolerate each other and correct each other with love. 
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After a wedding comes marriage. Marriage is deeper than imagined and it goes beyond love, wants and desires. It is also understanding, patience and tolerance. It is a life together that is bigger than both parties. The ones that recognize this are the ones that stick together. It isn't fair or right to put an actual reason why marriages fail since there are different strokes for different folks.
Some folks have the ability to overlook their partner's short comings due to love, their children's future or some sort of security. Plus, not all couples that stay together are happy together. Some are just for the picture while every other thing is in ruins. You can never really know how exactly until you try it yourself.
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Some people are just more compatible when it comes to living together. Marriage takes a lot of hard work to overcome any problems that may arise but I think as long as a couple love each other and are faithful they can get through any difficult situations they might encounter and come out the other side stronger. Years ago couples stuck together through thick and thin because it was so hard to get a divorce but today it is much easier and people often do not want to try and make it work so they take the easy option of getting out of the relationship.

My parents were not happily married but stayed together until my sister and I were grown up. My dad remarried and was very happy with his second wife although my mum stayed single and was happy that way. I never denied either of them that happiness because over time they just fell out of love. I don't think anyone ever marries thinking that it is going to fail, they believe they will be together forever but sometimes it just doesn't work out.
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The biggest challenge is that lots of people are not able to differentiate between dating and marriage. Dating is just exchange or expression of feelings which might be genuine or not while marriage is act where to people agreed to be one and accepts to makes the imperfects in them to be perfect gradually or manage their differences.
The major factors that keeps two people together in their marriage forever are understanding and home management skills. No home today is perfect but if you and your partner understands each other you will hardly cross the boundary. Rifts are inevitable in every marriage but if you both can manage it effectively such that third party doesn't interfere you will last longer.
Don't force yourself to love anybody always follow your heart and be prepared to face any challenges that may come your way in that case you tend to get it right and sustained

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