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I had a childhood best friend. We were so close that our parents knew it. We have grown up as friends up to now. When we joined campus, he proposed that we date but I refused. I prefer him more as a friend and I love him that way. I have heard of other people who were friends from childhood, dated and married each other. 
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I think that is how they lived their life. The love is powerful that no matter what happens, they are there for each other and they become a couple. 
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I dated my childhood best friend way back in college. I would not regret it even though our story did not end well. Because, had I not tried, my life would have been filled with a series of what-ifs.
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Realistically, I can't see myself dating my childhood best friend, because i always see them as my own sisters. And for me, it will be seen as an unwholesome affair to be dating my childhood best friend.

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Ooohh sure, I have also heard of such stories. For me I tried dating my childhood friend immediately after high school. Surprisingly, the relationship never lasted even three months. We were so much used to each other and even that aspect of respect was never there. We still saw each other just as a friend. After some time we both agreed that each one should go their away because things could never work out for us. Still after breaking up, we were both cheerful and kept of talking to each other, I mean there was no grudge between us.

It will not be easy dating someone you've seen since your childhood and knows almost everything about you. As for those who have succeeded with those kind of relationships, I can say its just luck and they were truly meant for each other.
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Life is not a one fit all situation,people go through things differently and what one people doesn't fancy might be the next person source of happiness and as such it always good to do what makes one happy.

Personally I wouldn't mind marrying my childhood best friend provided she is my kind of person and we are not related in any way,why not I will go ahead and date the person .Unfortunately I never had such an opportunity.

I have never dated my childhood best friend maybe we thought we were better off as friends than partners,I'm married but not to my childhood best friend but I would have loved it if I had married my childhood friend after all there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
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No I never did but only because the guy I fancied did not see me that way. We were always friends from little children and I valued his friendship too much to spoil it so I didn't make my true feelings known. He dated other girls and it was sometimes painful for me but then I realised his girlfriends would come and go but he always remained my friend.

Over time I also met boys that I dated and I became less romantically attracted to him. We stayed friends until he eventually moved away and then we lost touch apart from the odd Christmas card. I still wonder what it would have been like if we had dated but it was just a childhood crush. I would love to know what he is doing now and catch up on old times but so many years have passed I probably wouldn't even recognise him.
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I dated only once in my life and I married that guy. We dated only for a couple of months and then got married. many people said to me that I am making a hasty decision, however, it has been five years and I do not regret my decision. I did have crush on boys when I was in school and college, however, I never went too far.
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Hmmmmmmm, On a sincere note what usually exist between opposite sex at childhood stage is Infatuation.

I also experienced dating my childhood friend, it actually worked to an extent but we both knew there was no future in it and at a point every one went his separate ways on very understanding platform.

I also realized that if you are too close as friends, if the relationship works it last longer because  you must have known each others likes and dislikes to a very reasonable extent especially if you both understand the difference between friendship relationship and dating relationships but if the understanding is not there, it will quash.
The most interesting part of such date is for both of you to have lost contact for a longer time and later reconnect again at least you both must have been more exposed to different people

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