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I once asked my younger brother why he watches horror and action movies and he told me that it teaches him to be courageous and learn some tactics on how to defend yourself when attacked by bad people. 
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it gives us a thrill. I think that is the only advantage. There are people who enjoyed thrilling and suspense movies because they let their brains moving. 
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Watching horror movies will definitely make you not to be the easily scared type of person. This is exactly what watching horror movies have done for me.

Action movies just thrills me to watch, I'm not sure if it adds or remove any value in my life. I just watch it because I love it. 
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Horror movies scares the crap out of me. I wouldn't dare to watch any horror movies when I'm all alone at home. Action movies teaches me how to fight and defend myself and one of my favorite action movie is Resident Evil. 

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I'm no fan of horror movies but I watched them all the same because  I also learn a lot from it,I learn how to tackle horrifying scene through watching horror movies. I hardly even get scare because I know I just have to be brave to pull through any scene like that.

 I learn defence mechanism from watching horror movies, the antagonist always gives some defence skills that we can learn from and this can be used to tackle life attacks any day.

Watching horror can help one to fight stress because some horror movies shows how one can still be calm and relax even in the face of strange and scary situation. Despite it weirdness horror movies is a must watch once in a while.
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It gives me ideas of what crazy people can do to hurt you. Of course they do not make me more courageous as fiction is way different than real life. I also love real life crime shows because it shows me how insane can be so I have ways to imagine a way to defend myself as I am not a ill hearted person. I really think the main reason why i like these movies is because they are more fast paced and much more entertaining than some slow dull movie. Also I love love love medical shows because it also gives some insight on the crazy diseases that we can have in our bodies throughout our lives, such as different syndromes and conditions.
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The first thing for me is that they entertain me when I'm bored. I tend to learn how some parts of reality play out since some horror movies are based on true stories. You can see how the minds of some People especially psychopaths  work and some times you can relate them with true life events and That could be quite helpful.
Action movies on the other hand are merely a form of entertainment  for me. There are a lot of exaggerated scenes that makes me wonder if they can ever happen in real life. I just learn that guns and violence are never better than flowers and love. Peace always conquers in the end and That's really what the world needs.
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The simple answer for me is that I enjoy being scared. I don't think it teaches me to me courageous as I have to lock all the windows and doors before I watch a horror movie! I prefer movies which have an element of truth about them. My favourite film was Amityville Horror because I have read that that it was based on a true story although I don't know if this is completely accurate as stories tend to get exaggerated over time.

I also enjoy paranormal programmes especially where cameras are taken into someone's house when they have been having some strange activity during the night. Sometimes it will reveal very strange happenings while people are sleeping. I find that fascinating. I'm not into films with a lot of screaming and blood like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To me they are not believable.

I don't know if there is any advantage to watching them apart from the fact I am entertained for an hour or two.

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