Except from Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other bug ones what is the best minor crypto to invest in.
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Defi Coin- Defi coin is the best minor cryptocurrency currently, that earns up to 75% APY. It's actually growing at a rapid speed and is best by Market Capitalization.
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defi coins are good for investing or meme coins are also good for investing it earns you up to 75% APY these currencies are growing very rapidly
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Therth,alt coins , alter,lucky chain,BAT are the few crypto currency that have a try. Now block chain technology is used for improving the system.US coins are also being used.
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Any cryptocurrency other than the market leader Bitcoin is called an altcoin. Dogecoin, XRP, and Shib are among them, which I purchased on the Netcoins exchange.
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I think doge coin is the best minor coin to invest at this moment, it might have started as a joke, but the coin is rising with great speed and i think it the best.
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Shiba Inu is a minor cryptocurrency with a lot of potentials, and you may consider buying it. You can invest in it right now through Netcoins Exchange.
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