Is it against the law for underage people to have a bank account
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It depends on the country and what law they are applying. In my native country, underage people are allowed to have a bank account as long as they enroll it with an adult guardian or parents. There is no age limit for the young ones.
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I do not think that it is against the law. You can put it this way children or teens below 18 years old are not qualified to open their bank accounts.
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Different country have different rules. In my country underage peoplw cannot have their own bank account, but they can have a bank account with their own name indirectly with all the legal documants belonging to the parent and they can get the full access to it once they hit the legal age.
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In our country, no. There are banks that actually offer saving accounts for children. It's usually like a joint account for the child and the parent. 
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