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I do believe that Science could come up with the answer on how to cure HIV disease. I also believe they could come up with all natural ingredients, although medicine field do not support this one but it will happen for sure. Our scientist keeps on finding answers to the problems when it comes to health. It is either they will find out how to stop and cure the illness or they will provide ways on how to avoid it. I know there is one scientists or even more than one that is trying their best to help others who are suffering from this illness. It is one of reason of death tolls in every country and it keeps on happening so for sure there will be some scientists or even people on the medical field that keep on studying and testing how to cure HIV.
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Oh I believe so. Matter of fact, not to sound ungrateful to scientists doing great work out there, but it is about time for a cure to be discovered already. HIV/AIDS is way passed the era when it was a death sentence to people with the disease. It is not as deadly as the Ebola virus that broke out in parts of west Africa and in less time, a vaccine against the virus was formulated. There are many rumours out there that there's already a cure but governments and international organizations that control how aid is offered to people don't want it out. It is a way to siphon money. Who knows!
In my country, there are people who are experienced with herbs and botanicals. They claim to cure HIV and there are people who come out and testify to that. One thing is for sure, there's not yet any scientifically tested recorded cure for HIV but I'm positive that with the ongoing advancement in technology, it would be a reality.
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A big YES to that. Come to think of it, back in the days people die of trivial diseases such as chickenpox, measles, plague, etc. but as science and technology progress, these diseases are now curable and are no longer consider to be threats to human life. Except of course, if a person does not have access to proper health care. But that is a completely different story.

However, I do hope that the cure will be discovered soon, as HIV has caused several deaths already not to mention that it has been around for so long. This makes me think about several pharma conspiracy theories about keeping the world sick either by creating new strains of viruses or by hiding the cure. The very thought makes me cringe.

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