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What is the average cost of a residential house plan in your country? Do you prefer buying a design for your plan online?

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Architect charge high in my country to give one a befitting plan of a house, well,I wouldn't blame them because everything tend to be on the high side in my country.

When I needed a plan for a piece of land I bought three years ago I paid about 600 dollars which I believe was okay but now it has triple that.

My friend just got his two weeks back and he paid $1200 and this is because it was drawn by a mutual Friend. Some architect now demands a percentage cut of the totally project cost maybe like 10 or 20% of the total amount of the project.

So getting an architect to draw up a plan now in my country doesn't come cheap.
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I heard they really no cheap either in my country, but I think there is an app that you can design your home.
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Residential houses are of different categories and since our  desire or taste differs , the cost also differs.
The architects charges different amounts for different design,  also the location play a role too,  in  state capitals or country capital residential designs do range between the average cost of $1000 while in the less developed areas you get it at $300 for a two to three bedrooms flat.
Buying a design online would have been more easier but since it must still be approved by  my country town planning  I wouldn't know if  it will be acceptable because every country love to promote his or own professionals.The challenge again is the reliability of the site you are getting the design from. I will prefer buying it offline so that consultations will be easier when the need arises
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When looking for a person to design your home it is a good idea to check out several designers before choosing the one you want. House designs vary depending on what you need and want. A good designer can charge several thousand dolls for designing your home. However, today it is easy to design your own home using the CAD programs online. This way you save thousands of dollars and you get what you want.

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