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 In the education sector, our country ranks 92, which is way behind the ranks of other developing countries.

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Our country has very week education system. Our education syllabus are out of date. The syllabus is hardly updated on time. ll developed countries have best education programs which are based on current scenarios and technology. India also need such update then and only our country will grow.

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I disagree with your answer, my friend.
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I might not be from India, but I guess we are suffering from the same problems when it comes to education. And besides, the education system of any country is significantly related to those from other countries. To this end, it's pertinent we are enlightened about what makes the education system of certain country better than the others.

Let's begin with the government policies. The inconvertible fact about the whole thing is, the government have huge role to play in ensuring the education system of any country is above standard. We have come to realized that the government don't really do much in investing in the education. They only budget insufficient amount to education compared to other sectors, which apparently would not be enough to meet the high demands of the system.

The truth is, if we want qualitative education, the government must do everything in restructuring the whole system. Additionally, they must ensure qualified teachers/lecturers are hired and also ensure they are motivated with incentives so that they can give their all.
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Though, i have never travel to India before neither have I meddle into what is attainable in terms of education oover there. All I use to here in Africa that; best transplant surgeons are in India. So that alone is a National pride. However, problems affecting or hindering eeducational pperformance is similar if not same in almost all countries.
Major problem of education is from the Government, most Nation usually underfund the education forgetting the fact that, education is the key to development and even security. If only that, Government can focus more on education beyond all other wwill wake up.

Second aspect that I think is also important is the aspect of incompetent facilities and manpower in our schools. Recently in my country, a State Governor conducted aptitude test for teachers and you won't believe that some teacher couldn't even write their name correctly. How then can they impact and improve the performance of education. The teachers must be enhanced. And provided with needed facilities.

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