What is the most precious item to you? Why?
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The most precious item that I have is my parents' photo. Since they are in heaven now, I wanted to treasure them for the rest of my life by keeping this.
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For me the same, I have one photo of my daddy in my room. It is most precious think I have. I feels like, he is besides me and he can hear what I said.
I do think that our dead ones are still here on Earth and they are our angels now.
No, during rapture the trumpet of God shall sound and the dead in Christ shall rise to meet the lord in the sky. They will be joined with the other saints still living.
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My bamboo crook-handled cane. It has saved me from being maimed or killed so many times over the past twenty years, while living in this violent urban environment. My advice to anyone living in a large city is to learn how to fight unarmed, but also master a weapon you feel compatible with...both will be the best life insurance policy you will ever have.

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I did not know California was quite dangerous. Should it not be peaceful since Beverly hills (with all the celebrities and actors/actresses) is located there?
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Most precious item in my life is what my daddy has brought for me. The things are precious and I am taking care of them as such. The bangles collection is the best one among them.
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The most precious item I have right now is my laptop . I do all my work in this , working in online sites , my entertainment etc. . its pretty much on what I spend my whole day on 
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