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It's a strong meaning of a one sentence, it's mean something you will regret afterwards.

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This is a short story about how 'comma kills a man'. It shows the importance of punctuations in English language. The story is like this. Once upon a time, a learned Judge wrote the verdict in respect of a murder convict and send it to his lower officers for implementing it. What he wrote? What orders did he give?

He wrote his order as "Hang him not, let him go". When the judge's order went down the officers to execute the order, they made a mistake in putting that simple comma. What they intimated to their subordinates is "Hang him, not let him go". Because of this simple mistake committed by the court's lower officers, an innocent's life was lost.
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For me killing him means you will be put in a jail for a sentence of murder. In this area, you will not live free. That is the way I see the statement. If there are some that loves to give additional meaning I would love to read it. I was fumbled to read the first answer but for me this is what I understand. If you will kill someone, you will be in prison for a sentence. You will be in jail depending on how long because some people are put on Parol that they can only serve in jail for 10 to 15 years and they will able to come out after that. If you admit the murder that you did, your sentence will get short as you expect it to be long. That is why before killing someone, make sure you think about it and of course, choose not to kill so that it will not ruin your life.
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I am trying to understand whether you mean kill him and live free, or is it kill him and not free. I will answer it the way i think i understand it. what is coming out of this sentence, is a consequence. Its feels like someone is being given an ultimatum here, they need to choose what they want to happen to them. let me give an example, lets say this is a couple that has been together for  while, but they have been facing challenges. Maybe the woman has been constantly abused by her husband and when she consults her friends on the matter, she is told, just get rid of this person and finish your worries. In other words to be free of this abuse just kill him, and you will not have to go through this kind of pain again. it's a choice someone is being given to choose.

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