What is your biggest concern this week?
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My biggest concern this week is to be more productive than anything else. I am also trying to find other online earning sites. We need to add more for the future.
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My biggest concern in this week is to be happy even though there are people around me to make me unhappy. The concerns keep on changing. Another concern is regarding my day to day planning.
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My biggest concern this week is to bring my car at the car shop to have the problem fix at same time the charges that l need to pay it full amount. 
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Well, my biggest concern this week is all about how I'll manage the expenses right on my face, the landlord has been knocking at my door since last week, school fees and the food for my family, these expenses are giving me a very hard time and one thing for sure that I have always not wanted to face in my life is failing to rays such basic needs to the people who I love the most
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My biggest concern for this week is I have to pay the electricity bill , which came out much higher than previous month . Need to pay it on time 
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This week i have been so concern about how to make money both online and offline, the thought of being broken is a heavy burden to bear so i have to make money.
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