How much money can you make in a given month with answeree
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I am aiming a hundred dollars, but to seems a big challenge for you. It would be great if it happens though. I am sure some of you are planning to hit more earnings than before.
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how much time do you think you need to make the hundred dollars, can you do it in one month?
It's possible for some folks. There are those people called internet gurus. These are the kind of people who work round the clock in front of their devices doing things on the internet.

They can  surpass more than that 
@amal I am not sure if I could do that here. Since I do not work 24/7 here and there, so it is impossible to reach a hundred dollars.
@Treborika I hope we could be like them, right? I cannot do it since I still do other things offline.
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Lets see , it will really depend on just has much active you are here . 

around 8,000 questions here approximately so there is enough for you to answer 

1 answer = 10 points 

so , 8000 x 10 = 80,000 aka you can make 80 dollars from here by answering questions 
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Yes but for you as a member how much time you need to answer the 8000 questions , can you answer then in a short time?
So approximately 8000 questions is it per day or month. Be specific please. Because that sounds alot
8000 questions per day no way not either per month, unless you spend 8 hours a day for one month and who knows you can complete them or no.
It will be a big challenge to make at least $50 or more here because of limited questions been answered
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It depends on one's patience, time, and hard work. I am trying to make at least $1 a day from this site. If I succeed in that, then I will try to push limits to make more, but it is not easy. It does require dedication.
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So $1 per day that is around  100 questions per day. This is a lot of work it requires much time.
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Personally, I think you can make 10$ a month, maximum and that's when you put in effort because no one will spend 24 hours 24/7 on this site, there are things to do at home like chores and the normal day to day activity 

This is not a get rich site, it's very slow in earning.
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I agree with you , there is a lot of things to do through the day, we can't spend all the day answering questions.
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As for me for the first month I make 2$ because i was new here and i don't stay all the day answering questions. I pass by for an hour or two through the day depending on my spare time.

but now I am trying to answer more question to see how can i make in a month, but what I think is that to make a good amount you need to spend too much time answering questions here, and this needs someone who do nothing only staying on the internet.
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Year and again you cannot stay on the internet 24/7 simple because you can't depend on this work alone you have to do your normal job.
Yes you are right , I can't stay 24/7 answering questions , I also have  a job and working on other Platforms , this can be an extra cash not passive income.
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Answeree will only pay you a few cents for answering a question,so how much you will earn in a month will solely depend on how active you answer questions. But I guess you have a target to hit in a month it will propel you to work hard to hit that target.
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Total amount of money you earn from answaree is totally depends upon how many time you give to this site for giving answar of questions ask from anyone
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I think it all depends on how much attention you would be giving answeree. if you spend a lot of time on the site you woudk make a lot. Time yourself. Based on the time you sepnd on answeree, how long did you take to make a dollar. That will help you determine how much you can make in a month
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My aim right now is just $5 or $10, when i first registered my aim was $3 and when i saw that the site was legit i put in more effort to earn more money
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If you average 50 or more questions per day, you'll probably earn $15 plus in a month. I haven't been paid yet but I estimate my points to reach my average everyday.
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