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We earn points by answering and asking question and the points we earned can be converted into cash for payments.
The points we earn here equals the amount of money we can earn here too.So for example making 70 points daily equals to 70 cents daily.

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You can go to the bottom of the Answeree Home Page and click on "Answeree Rewards" and this will tell you how much the points are worth but I will set it out:

One Answer = 10 points  ( USD 0.1 )

Per question = 1 point (USD 0.01)

Per reply =  1 points (USD 0.01)

Per thanks received = 1 points (USD 0.01) which will be transferred from the voter

You need 3,000 points ($30) before you can cash out and you should make each answer 600 characters long and if possible each reply around 15 words. It may seem a bit daunting to start with but the points soon add up and it really is interesting and fun work. After you have achieved 250 points you can submit your answers for approval to Answeree admin and then if they are accepted they go towards your earnings,
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Earning through answeree entails gaining points which are further converted to cash in $. You get cash through the points you accumulate and the minimum is 2000points for new members and 5000 points for old members. 
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