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BPO means 'Business Process Outsourcing'. BPO jobs are popular because, it is advantageous to three sets of people. Who are they? Those who want to get the work done for a 'stated fixed price', without any escalation in costs, those who are ready to carry out the same for a stated fixed price and those fresh graduates and job seekers.
It enables companies to get certain works done easily without recruiting any people. People (companies) with 'administrative' acumen, recruit people for the same on a monthly salary which will always be very much lower than what the BPO organizations get for the contract. And for those poor job seekers who are in need of some job, whatever salary they get is a bonanza!
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Is it popular?Or I guess it is because Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO in short provides creative learning and innovation so every employee they have. They provide great benefits and salary too. I can say they are the company that provides high technology and new learning to their employees. Employers could give you a shelter to live in, even a travel incentive. They have all the money while they are using your skills and experience to make the business grow. Everyone seems love to be part of BPO because of the salary but you need to be a skilled and experienced one, and if you don't have it, you need to be open minded with changes and adjust to the new environment as quickly as possible. This is one of the popular jobs but not the easiest one.

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