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Yes, there other ways that can communicate with love ones and family, so it is okay to live without Facebook.

I have been walked through three phases about deciding whether I need Facebook or not. 

The first phrase is to upvote it when I was young and the social media is fresh which made you think you need it because everyone had it and used it. You would be uncool if you don't have one. And I could interact with my friends and "participate in their lives even though I was so nerd then. Also, the newsfeed kept me staying in trend (I thought so).

The second phrase is complicated. I wanted to devote it when I was trying to keep life simple. My mind was distracted all the time and thus I did not have enough sleep. And I want to installed it back when I need positive stress to push myself after seeing my friend's successes on Facebook and Instagram, too. 

And the third phase, which is happening, I don't really care about it despite the Delete Facebook movement due to the massive data breach, expert's urges to run away from social media, or scandals about how politicians took advantage of it because I have been grown up. Facebook is just a tool and it is not the culprit to make my life messy. It is my mind that have been controlling my behavior. Now I barely share my life on it since my boss and my colleagues could see it. I want to have my private life back.

If I have to decide whether I prefer my life without Facebook, I would say no, because it is just a tool. Don't think over it.

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There are times when I have deactivated my account because I get so fed up with the rubbish people post there but by the same token it's nice to keep in touch with friends I don't see often, see their pics and message them quickly whenever I want. I suppose there are other ways of keeping in touch like the telephone or email but sometimes there isn't time to have a long conversation and it's good to be able to see what's going on in their lives too.

I also like the news articles and amusing videos, fun to look at when I have an idle moment so although I do find it annoying sometimes there is something very addictive about it. Would I prefer a world without it? I could manage and if I wanted I could delete my profile but It's nice to look back over the years and see some of those cherished moments that I have captured and put on facebook.
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No I still prefer a world with Facebook in it,this is a platform that brought connection and reconnection of friends and family that were miles away together.I most times in my little space  thanked  the developer and founder of Facebook for such initiative and platform.

We have over 2 billion people on Facebook and counting and no other platform have come close to that. Now Facebook isn't just a .Platform for chatting up friends but one can make money from it,people are getting jobs from Facebook, it a good place to get traffic for ones site or blog,it the needed place for digital marketers to advertised. Facebook can be used to achieved a whole now and I think we need it now than ever.
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Why not? What is so great about Facebook? Without Facebook, the world will collapse or what?  It is just one of the many social media platforms on the internet scene popularized by the crazy member users. I read a lot of wrong things taking place because of Facebook. It makes people addicted and spoils relationships too. Yet people run behind it.

And today, just think who is richer? Facebook or its user members. And also let me know how much Facebook is giving back to its user members while thriving on their content. One great thing I do not like about Facebook  and for that matter Google too is that they are said to spy on you even when you are offline! How is it?
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Well,their is nothing that has an advantage that doesn't have a disadvantage. The fact that Facebook connects you with your long lost friends is reason enough for me to vote for Facebook.
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No,  a world with facebook is more preferred. This is the largest social media platform that has reunited lots of people who have lost contact for a very long time.
Online marketing is no doubt growing fast and this has provide Jobs for people and also made life very comfortable this is majorly achieved through the use of facebook.
The cost of communication is no doubt also reduced because  lots of people prefer to chat on facebook where they spend very little for a detailed communication compared to phone calls that will cost them more.
The positive effects overshadow the negative effects. Every media platform has it pros and cons, facebook is no exception to this, so it all depends on how you manage your facebook  account.
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Facebook is part of our life. Facebook has been our outlet when we are sad. It became our motivation to achieve something because some people we know able to achieve something out of their struggle and perseverance. Facebook became our communications from our relatives abroad and became the source where we started our reunions with long lost friends and classmates. You became aware of everything trending because and what is happening around the world because of it. You learn something new because of it. You realized that you can help others, and even strangers because of it. Facebook is very addicting but we cannot deny the fact that it became part of everyone's life. I can be absent not browsing Facebook for a week, but not for life.
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No, I wouldn't prefer world without Facebook. Facebook is the best and most used social media in a number of ways. The first and foremost reason why people use Facebook is because it brings people together in the whole world and you can communicate with anyone whose on another continent just from the comfort of your home through Facebook messenger.

Secondly,Facebook reduces boredom because some people post funny jokes and clips and you will find yourself somehow addicted to Facebook. I personally, I can Facebook the whole day because its just fun.

Finally, nowadays people can earn through Facebook. Just posting ads on your Facebook page. This isn't easy but have seen several people making a good income out of it.
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I prefer a world with facebook. I do like facebook for many reasons first it covers wide range of people. So it is easy to reach people easily through facebook. To promote my business to next stage it is necessary. Facebook also creates awareness among others. Every app has its own advantages and disadvantages. I prefer the facebook for its advantages. 
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Facebook has its benefits and has help us keep connected with love ones even when we are far apart. We can see, call friends and family members with facebook outside using the regular phones. Facebook has help us stay informed with current news and happenings. 
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Yes Facebook is not the only platform that we can use. We can have other means of communication or socializing with our friends and relatives. 
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At times yes ,because it seems to be destroying the younger generation sometimes, whereas they spend more time looking at their phones than doing something productive. But on the other side Facebook is a good way to interact with your friends and family
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