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I have seen numerous instances where a camera is put in a home where there has been some unusual activity but I'm never quite sure whether it has been set up or whether there really is some paranormal presence. Do you believe in it?

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This is something that often beats my imagination and reasoning. Paranormal activities are beyond scientific explanation but I've watched documentaries where some sort of scientific devices were used to record paranormal activities in deserted places. I'm not sure whether I believe it but think I'm more fascinated.

I remember one night I was listening to my local radio and a woman called in to tell her story. She married a man without meeting any of his family. After a couple of years together with a child already, she was bent on meeting them so he gave in. When they got to his village, just a few blocks from his family home, he directed her there and said he wanted to get some things for his family first. That was the last time she ever saw him. Getting to the house with her child, everyone there thought she was crazy. They told her that the man she talks about is long dead. They took her to his grave behind the house.

That night was creepy for me and I just had many question in my mind.
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I love this story. My partner witnessed something similar. A friend of his died in a road accident but my partner saw him on the side of the road and waved to him. Apparently he had died some days before he saw him.
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Indeed there are mysterious things beyond human explanation and understanding. 
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I have always believe in paranormal and I know strange things happens whether we want to believe it or not.

I have witness a young child in my local assembly narrating about being a powerful goddess in her native place ages ago in her past life, she was mentioning some old names that have all past away some years back and those that knew those people were confirming her story.This is a young child of about 7 years.She said she came back to serve God and to turn people away from idol worship. She said she encountered God before she died and asked for forgiveness and promised to lead people to God  but leading people astray in her former life. From the confirmation of those that knew the names she was mentioning it shows she knew what she was saying .So these things are real.
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Paranormal is true. There are certain energy that could move some things and our pets could see what we cannot see. I experience a certain energy that when I feel it, i feel bad after. It makes my stomach cringe. I do not see it but I only feel it. I wonder how it looks like. It doesn't happen in one spot at home. It happens in different places where I am . I think it is not a ghost or spirit but an energy that I can't explain. My dogs are even following some movements at home that I do not see. They started barking on something but when you check on it, there is nothing there. There is some energy but I do not l believe on some movies I rather believe on some videos on YouTube because it appear to be real compare to movies. I do believe in paranormal and the things we do not see everyday.

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