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Impacted wisdom teeth are those that don't fully cut through because they are being obstructed by other teeth around it. If they aren't removed they can cause a lot of pain so if it was me I would have it removed.

I've had a lot of toothache in my time and I really believe it is one of the worst pains I have experienced. It's unrelenting and until you get the problem seen to by a dentist it will keep nagging at you causing you stress and misery. If it's not giving you pain now it will do in the future but if you don't like having dental treatment you could ask your dentist about having it removed under anaesthetic. They understand that some people are not comfortable having their wisdom teeth removed in the dentist chair and can arrange for you to have it done in hospital.
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I think it mostly depends on what we want but if you are uncomfortable with it you should have it removed.I know a friend who had it and the dentist advised that he can have them removed if  it's causing him pains or hurting teeth near it if you are experiencing same then you should think of getting it off
Again I think you should get an xray first to be sure  it will cause problem in the long run like pushing other teeth around before thinking of pulling it out and while at it think Also about the problems of pulling out wisdom teeth like having swollen gum,bleeding which might take a day to cease and pains where the teeth was pulled out.So weigh the options before going ahead.
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Normally it should be removed because it creates lots of uncomfort. I never had a wisdom tooth so I cannot speak up on how it really feels, but based on the experiences of my friends, it is really painful that is why it needs to be removed. There are people who cannot move normally once they have toothache. I, myself, cannot be productive when I have tooth aching. I rathe lie in bed and let the pain settles before moving. It really affects the whole me. If I have a wisdom tooth and it is pretty painful, I will be immediately in the dentist chair to have it removed. To have a peaceful life you have it remove. It is just an excess of your teeth moving on the part of your gums that is very uncomfortable for sure so just have it remove if you have one.
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Sometimes, it depends on how your wisdom tooth affects your health. If it's actually hurting your mouth and you can't eat properly, you can't brush your teeth, or you can't do some things that you normally do before, it's time to get it remove. However, if your wisdom doesn't affect anything I've said then it's okay to not it remove. Removing wisdom tooth can cost money and you should think carefully. If you don't want to have a self-consult, you can get some advice from the dental clinics, they will give you some tips or what to do with your condition.

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