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Well this is a hard one. I am a photographer and when I photograph sunrises and sunsets I usually try to have something in the image for the viewer to know if possible. Generally the main thing to look for is that typically images of sunrise will have brighter colors that tend to gravitate more directly around the sun. When you see an image of sunset the colors will usually appear slightly dull compared to a sunrise and the colors are more spread out across the sky. I personally love the sunset because of the colors covering more of the sky. The sunrise usually has more prominent reds and oranges and the sunset has these colors as well but they are not as bright and dont stand out as much. You can also see many other colors across the sky at sunset, such as purples and pinks. I believe this to be due to the pollution that we have sent out throughout that day, which honestly is bad but it makes for the most beautiful sunsets.
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Thank you so much for your reply. I actually read some articles, which reveal that most movies tend to trick viewers into filming a sunset when in fact they should have done a sunrise. Given no further context, I know it is really hard to distinguish which is which.

Nonetheless, thank you for your tips. I will try to be more observant the next time I view photos of sunrise and sunsets. And, yes, those pink-ish and purple-ish colors are caused by pollution in the air.
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You are very welcome. And yes I have read that too about movies and they also say watch the horizon on which way it tends to settle. If it moves up and to the left then it was actually a sunset. 

It is still hard to tel in pictures but I have better chances of being right when I look at the picture the way I described above. Honestly it is still easy to be fooled, but following my response will give you a lot better odds on guessing correctly.
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I think sunset has a deeper color of the sun. It will appear to be orange while sunrise appears to be strong yellow. When you look at the sun during sunrise, it hurts your eyes because it is really strong. You cannot look at it straights or else you will tear a lot. You can look straight of the sun that is setting down. Sunset is a beautiful scene and this is my favorite part of the day. Mostly, living in high rise building could only appreciate sunset from my observation. I can only see the sunset even on flat areas because the sun is getting down. Even with pictures I can easily pin point what is the sunset and sunrise. The color that appears on the picture will tell you so,much more if you uses a good quality camera to capture it.
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Hi. Thank you so much for your response. I see you have quite a skill. Can you help me with this photo? My friend and I have been arguing about whether this is a sunrise or a sunset. I will really appreciate if you can also provide details of your observation.


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