Some couples get into relationship through the internet and from long distance? suppose they met each other once or twice ? do you thing this relationship will work?
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For me it can't work, it is impossible I would rather break it off than be in that kind of relationship. I like to be close with the people I love and being there with them face to face makes me happy. You can't know what you loved one is doing and if they are honest. Most people cheat while in long distance relationships since they get lonely. 
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Yes when they are far away you don't know what they do maybe they cheat and maybe not , it depend on the trust and on how the relationship is serious. but for cheat maybe both of them cheat each other and also maybe not.

Also a good point is that if they are close and see each other face to face , they will know each other more and everything will be clear with no lies and acting.
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It depends on couples if their long-distance relationship will work or not. There are instances when one of them becomes weak or immature in the relationship at some time that's why sometimes it doesn't last. Sometimes one of the couples started to cheat because the person cannot stand or manage to be far that long from the person they love. The person is seeking more attention than the other party cannot give. That's why the long-distance relationship doesn't work for them. But there are instances that there are also couples who are successful in their long-distance relationship. These are couples who really love and trust each other even though they are apart for so long. They already build the foundation for their relationship that no matter what challenges come they are still there for each other even if they are apart.
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It can and will work out and that depends on the parties involved. Communication is the key that maintains many relationships. Understanding and patience too.
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I wonder if they can keep contacting each other for a long time or they get bored, it depend on how much they love each other and if they are able to travel to meet each other.
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I think distance relationships isn't the best . Though there might be good communication between the couple but there is also going to be lack of familiarity, being not able to see someone for a longer time makes you gradually forget the person. So distance relationships isn't the best choice for young lovers. Distance relationship can be good for mature couples but detrimental to beginners.
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I agree if it is impossible to see each other few times a year. For those who have to travel through countries it will be very difficult , unless if the relationship is serious and one of them will move to live in the others country if it leads to marriage.
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In my view, some people can work their relationship despite the long-distance and others cannot stand being away from their partners.
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Yes each one see this relationship from different side , so maybe it work for some people while it will not work for others, also it depends on the couples themselves.
That is how strong the love is if they stayed together despite the distance. It is called true love.
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Long distance relationships are great but I feel it's only great when it starts of as long distance. Once you guys are close to each other and build a great relationship and then move apart in the long run, I feel it destroys the relationship. Being used to having someone always close by, goin on dates, spending a lot of quality time together, to having to see each other once a month or once every 3 months strains a lot.frustration and lonelyness ended up being tooo much 
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Maybe if it starts from long distance couples try to travel and meet each other and it is difficult for most of them, and for few of them they can travel and meet, but if it stay too long I think it will end with breakup.

Also I agree with you about a relationship that start close and then continue with long distance maybe it will turn to be a boring relationship and also end for some cases.not for all.
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