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Facebook is a greatest social media over the world most people spend their time in that social media to see different things posted from different parts of the world, the peoples now can capture different culture from different areas . this social media make the world to be like a single village so peoples share different things all good and bad.

China government believe that Facebook will destroy their children by spends a lots of time in using Facebook than studying and thinking about the innovation of different things which is very valuable in china county for the economic benefit
China country want their peoples  to spend their time in the innovation of science and technology to make sure that their economic base rise up more and more
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The same reasons why some countries banned WeChat, the most popular Facebook-alike app in China.

TO Sum Up:

1. FB did not give China access to the users' information. Also, the gov believes that Facebook could be a platform to be used to spread rumors that might threaten the safety and censorship, and it would not take that risk.

2. To take the share of Internet business and push the economy forward. With the subsequent rise of Chinese digital giants like Alibaba and Tencent, you might argue that this gesture could be one example of economic protectionism.
3. Better control over internet content inside China.
4. Political problems, riots and government. After a series of riots in XInjiang, China blocked Facebook.
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Basically, there are to reasons for China's ban on Facebook. The most apparent reason is China is a Communist country and it does not want its people to interact with the people from other countries, especially the Western countries. Another reason for facebook ban is is purely a business. It is said that Facebook has around 2 billion accounts. China has 1.7 billion people. Let assume that if facebook was allowed in China and 10 percent of the Chinese population joined facebook, facebook would have 170 million more users. Imagine how much more money will facebook make. Instead of allowing facebook, China launched its own social media site.

Facebook is just one example, there are many foreign internet companies that are banned in China and Google being one. China's search engine Baidu has the second largest market share. China's ban on foreign internet companies is purely a business.
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China is one of the most populated countries in the world today and like all densely populated countries, it have its problems especially with politics and government activities. Now, China had its political problems and in 2009, Facebook was blocked or banned in the country in July of the year as a result of Ürümqi riots which was fired up because the Xinjiang independence activists were making use of the Facebook social media as a part of their communications network. Google had its problems in China which led some people believe that Facebook would hit a road block in succeeding in the country. One thing that I have come to understand about the Chinese government is that they always want to control what the mass media offers to the public and it's why they banned Facebook.

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