Hi, i am a student. My college life is really hectic, but i am really concerned to earn money online through legit ways. Please suggest some easy ways to make money online so that my studies don't get disturbed.
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I can suggest two (2) ways in order to earn online safely especially for beginners with no technical skills such as coding, programming or SEO. 

First is writing articles. There are several sites where we could submit our articles in exchange for some amount. Although we may need a good command of English, it would be easier to develop than learning coding or programming. We can also join Freelancing sites such as Fiver and Upwork. Similarly, we can try joining Forums.

Second, you can apply as call reviewer wherein the main task is to sort calls received by the companies. You only need a laptop/computer and a headset. This work does not require members to communicate directly with the clients because the calls available are pre-recorded. 

I believe these are the best way to earn during free time.

I'm working on this one and I really like it so I'm going to share it with you.

I'm an Affiliate Marketer for a platform called Builderall they let you make Websites, Webinars, Animated Videos etc using Drag & Drop feature so it's very beginner user friendly where one is able to learn and they also provide Pre-Made Templates such as these :

1/ Chef Express

2/ Blog Express Insurance 

3/ Blog Express Real Estate

So you can make money selling those to any niche out there looking for websites etc and you can make money promoting the platform to those who need it like Online Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses etc 

They have tutorial videos of all the tools and answer all of your questions the What, How and Why. Everything is literally in one platform that's why I'm using it & recommending it.

Since you mentioned you're a college student, if you're an extrovert or courageous enough to go to a crowd of people and start a conversation then you can do it recommending this platform and asking the students to be on your team and make each person register under the other so that all of you are able to make monthly recurring commissions and then each one of you can scale it up however they like for example (you guys have helped each other and now each one of you has at least $100 monthly recurring commissions you can use $36 in paid ads to sell this platform to increase your profit etc)

Here's a picture that will make much more sense of what I stated above, it shows you the potential of their Affiliate Program and how a team can actually make this work equally:


Hope I helped in making you discover this awesome platform and good luck with whatever work you intend to do.

Honestly, it could be very hard to be a studious student and same time joggle it alongside online gigs. Nothing is impossible though. With proper time management, you can make a head way in this regard. But first off, you have to equipped yourself with the necessary skills if truly you want to be successful at online jobs. You can train up yourself in any of the following array of gigs like SEO article writing, translation and transcription, website design, data entering tasks, etc. After which, you can register with online websites that offer gigs on these niches, e.g upwork, freelance etc.
Try freelancing! You can make quite a lot of money frequenting online market places and job boards selling your skills to clients.

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Being a student, I can completely understand how it feels when you don’t have a single penny in your pocket while going to college. But, now I have got an easy way for you to earn handsome cash. For this, you don’t need to go out anywhere and work hard rather you just need to do something that requires nothing but just your Android Smartphone. 

So here it is! Introducing you to the one and only Lopscoop App where you get easy money without working. Yes! That’s true. What if I say that you just have to download this app, read its contents (can also write contents for the app if you are willing to) and share them on Facebook, Hike, WhatsApp or other social media platforms and it will give you money in return, would you believe me? For example, if you share the contents on Facebook, the more clicks you’ll get, the more money you can earn. 

So, if you happen to be a student struggling to get by, here’s the most interesting and easiest way to earn a lot of money by using Lopscoop in the simplest manner. 
Have a look at some of the strategies: 
1. First of all, go to the Google Play store and download Lopscoop Once it is downloaded in your android phone, open the application and start reading the contents. The more articles you read, the more points you get. You are up to the limit of reading 5 articles daily. The points you’ll earn while reading contents will be automatically converted into money. Along with this, after getting along well with this application, you can provide some good suggestions and feedback which again helps you to gain extra bonus. So, don’t think much, try it out quickly. 

2. The second strategy to earn money is to share the contents on social media like Facebook. Add more friends to your Facebook account. Then share contents and write amazing words to attract people. The more clicks you get on the content you have shared, the more income you can produce. 

3. Let your friends know about the shared content by tagging them on Facebook. This way, they’ll get the notification and can directly reach the link. 

4. The next important strategy is to invite lots and lots of friends to download the Lopscoop application. For this, you can remote your affiliate code so that they can join the app easily. This way you can promote the link and get extra points for this. The more people you invite, the more income you generate. 

Lopscoop: News, Tasty, Quizzes, Making money online! - Android Apps on Google Play  Click on this updated App link and experience the happiness. 

I and my friends are earning a lot from this amazing application. Join today and experience the new world of Lopscoop.

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Hi, That's amazing! Thanks a lot :-)
Thyank you for looking that up for me. I appreciate the time you spent finding that information for me.
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Am also a student and am really trying hard to make the ends meet.Despite of the less free time that I have I must login at least everyday for one hour and check if there's an update on the earning sites.Almost everyday I do try my best and make some 50-100 cents so that every end month I have something in my PayPal account.

Since you're a student I'll suggest you go for writing sites especially well paying forums like postloop ,the forum wheel,paid forum posting,answeree and also beer money forum.With these sites you will be able to make at least $50 or more per month.
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Thank you for being so helpful! Thank you for offering your valuable information. thank for helping me finding that info i needed.
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I get $100w virtually on autopilot from this one website called Myaddsup. Its like a PTC site that you click ads for money with and what those ads are worth is dependent on what level you are at.
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I appreciate you taking the time to give some information for me. Thank you for sharing your info with me.
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have you considered investing in cryptocurrencies, most advisable bitcoins. investing with cryptoassetsbay.tech has been known to generate returns after a period of 15 business days, that way, you can always roll over the capital and withdraw the returns.
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I wanted to thank you for the great information. Thank you for offering your valuable information.
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If you are a writer, you can try these writing sites, such as iwriter, Virily, and constant-content. Or, try to check out the discussion platform, such as myLot and crazyoff. If you spend time on these sites, you will earn money. They are all legit sites.
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Thanks for your information. Thank you for helping me find that information |I needed.
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