How many questions do I have to answer on Answeree to earn $10 of cash?
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you should answer 1000 questions to get 1 dollars so if u want to get 10 dollars you should answer 10000 questions to achieve 10 dollars in answeree
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to get 1000 points you need to answer 100 questions ( 100x10) 
and for 10 dollars  10,000 points not 10,000 questions 
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1000 points is $1 and $10 is 10,000 points and as you know one answer is 10 points. You will need to answer 1000 questions to reach that amount. If you decide to only comment you will need 2000 comments since one comment is 5 points. It is better to answer than to comment inorder to add points quickly. 
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I think the difference is the same as you need to make 2000 comments so that you make 10000points which can earn you $10
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Each question earns you ten points which equals 10 cents. So I think that for you to earn 10$, you need to answer hundred questions.
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By answering one question you get 10 points. For 2 dollars , we have to get 2000 points and for getting 5 dollars we need to get 5000 points. Around 10000 or more questions needs to be answered.
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You need to answer questions 1000 questions to reach 10000 points to reach the aim of having $10. I think we can do this to have more earnings.
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okay so lets see 

answering 1 question gives you 10 points 

100 answers is a 1000 points , aka 1 dollar 

I that perspective , you will need to answer a 1,000 questions to reach 10,000 points aka 10 dollars 

If you are regularity active here , then you can make it 
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To earn 10$ you have to earn 10000 points, each 1000 point is 1$ ,you have to answer 100 question to earn 1$.

To earn faster you can comment on others and ask questions and comment on the answers, for each comment you earn 5 points .

For asking questions you don't earn but you can earn when you comment on the people who answer your questions.
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My advice,don't focus on how may answers you have to give. Just wake up, and start answeri asany questions as you possibly can, thatbwaybyou won't get demorolised.
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