Considering the quality and the price, will you buy a new car or a slightly used one?
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If l have the chance and budget l will buy a brand new car. But due to inflation l can also prefer buying a slightly used car as long as it is in good condition and price will go with my budget. It does not matter at all for now if it is brand new or not. 
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I would definitely buy a brand new car if had the money to do so. Why? Because all it’s parts would be fresh and new. Most used cars are high maintenance because most of it’s parts are bad.
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I if u ask me will I buy a brand new car or slightly used car i would tell I would buy the used car because aftersometime the value of the new car will be low.
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Buying a car is big dream. If you have money go for a new car. My father used to say that buying a car is not a big deal but maintaining the car is the biggest risk.
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I would purchase a pristine vehicle whenever had the cash to do as such. Why? Since every one of it's parts would be new and new. Most trade-in vehicles are high upkeep on the grounds that a large portion of it's parts are terrible.
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If i have cahnce tichoose between brand new and slightly used so i will surely choose the brand new car instead of the slightly used cars beacuse the new cars have nk faults where slightly used have some faults
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I will buy a new car whose engines are new and every part of it is working, most of these slightly used cars might have fault in one place or the other and you will not know.
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Here in my country, a slightly used car has a very big discount if you bought some. I guess you can less for about 20% or more of it's original price. Although that car is only used just for a year, I recommend to buy slightly used if it's almost brand new
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