Why are people from third world countries eager to travel to Europe and America?
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Europe is a little luxurious country and city of lovers especially when you get the chance to see the tower in Paris. It's one of my dreams too to visit Paris. 
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Paris indeed is a beautiful place to dream of and also to visit, the paris tower attracts millions of tourists each year.
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People like to travel to Europe because there is a lot of tourist attraction for example in italy, france and all the other countries in Europe.

Also people in Europe are respectful and you can feel safe there better than traveling to those racisit and unsafe countries.
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In europe, people value you no matter your race or ethnicity, and are very welcoming and respectful.
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European ancient architecture attracts people from all over the world, check out cities like rome, paris, venice, they are the most visited because of their architecture.
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Europe's nature beauty, buildings, bridges and historically related places are the most attractive factors. America is the biggest in economically and many beautiful things to watch like disney land, water falls etc ,so people are attracted towards there.
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I like to travel to Greece, in example, because there are a lot of resorts there at the bank of Mediterranen sea. People are friendly there and there also a lot of architectural monuments of ancient greek culture.
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