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I love a ham and pineapple pizza.   There is something about the sweetness that adds to the flavour and makes it extra delicious. Funnily enough I am not keen on pineapple on its own.
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Hawaiian is very common flavor but i really think it doesn't suit as pizza flavor.
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Naturally, I love pineapples. And anything that can be eating with it is fine by me. 

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I actually love this question. My personal preference is no to the pineapple on my pizza. Pineapple is a sweet fruit and a pizza should be meat and vegetables. It is nice having a fruit salad with pineapple either before or after eating pizza. Another reason is that the pineapple is a dominant flavor and the pineapple chunks along with the juice overpowers all other flavors. I have 2 sons that love pineapple on their pizza and they get upset with me because I do not buy pineapple pizza. To solve this I buy a can of pineapple chunks, which I will eat too, and add those pineapple chunks to their slices. I have tried orderinghalf and half, but as I mentioned the pineapple is dominate and even the slices without pineapple still ends up with slight pineapple flavor. So if you want pineapple when no one else does, simply run down to local store a grab a can for your slices and later you still have a few pieces of pineapple to munch on later.
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Yes, I would love to have pineapples in my pizza. Why? Because it neutralizes the flavor with sweet and sour.  It is a nice blend with the ham and other vegetables.  I am Asian, I love pineapples be it alone or with other food like in sweet and sour food (it can be fish, pork).  It also is not a dry ingredient so it makes the pizza not so dry and bland.  At times, if we buy pizzas without pineapple, I will usually buy pineapple slices to top it there. So it will be much tastier. Other than in pizza and main dish, we love pineapples as dessert. As a fruit alone, or we add it up in salad or at times I bake it in an upside down cake together with cherries which really taste really good. Or we usually mince it and cooked it with  a little bit sugar to make it into a jam. Yum!
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Of course I like the sweetness of my pizza. I sometimes order two flavor and these are pepperoni and hawaiian pizza. Pineapple in pizza balance the saltiness and the sweetness. It even keeps you awake. I am not a fan of pineapple but it compliments the taste of the pizza when it is there. It is sweet and little soury, while the pizza is cheesy that is why it is little salt. Also, pizza have too much oil sometimes because of the different ingredients. Pineapple is good for the heart, and it is good to fight cholesterol so having it on pizza will make you enjoy the pizza with little thinking on how it gives you benefits when it comes to your health. I think it is even a must in pizza even the ingredients are ham or sausage. I want pineapple on my pizza.
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A huge fan of Pizza, I love to try and add as much veggies or suitable fruits that go with the Pizza recipe. And Yes! Pineapple is one such topping I love to add to my Pizza. The best Pizza I have had with Pineapple is at Dominoes, which has both Pineapple and Jalapeno topping, oozing with lots of cheese and tomato sauce as the base. The strong sweet smell and taste of Pineapple blends well with the sour and spicy taste of the Jalapenos and is an award winning combo for our taste buds.

If the Pizza is cooked the right way, and the Pineapples grilled before adding as topic, they have a very sticky, juicy feel to it. Throw in some Paprika and oregano flakes on top of the pineapple toppings and Oh! There you go... The best pizza ever.

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